2016 New To You Reading Challenge

Posted November 6, 2015 by Marsha in Discussion Post / 0 Comments

2016 New To You Reading ChallengeThis Reading Challenge is simply for pure fun — and adventuring out beyond my own comfort zone in the genres that I don’t normally read.

I honestly don’t intend to get caught up in Challenge madness this year.  The three Challenges that I’ve posted about this morning will probably be the only ones that I do this year.  I have a better idea of my time limits going into this second year of book review blogging.  I’m not super blogger by any means *grin*  I wish.

The New To You Reading Challenge is simply reading an author that you’ve just discovered, or trying out a far different genre than you usually read.  It’s simple, uncomplicated and just about anyone could do it.

So head over to the sign up page at The Herd Presents and check out the rules and suggestions.  I’m going for Level 4 of 50 books.  I believe I can master that, after all I’ve got an entire year.  🙂