March 2019

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When opposites attract…

As an editor at a major New York City magazine, Josie Kellum is always on the go…until an injury sidelines her in the small town of Sweetwater Springs. Luckily, her new physical therapist is easy going and easy on the eyes. When their sessions start to heat up, in more ways than one, Josie is intrigued. But she has a city and career she loves waiting for her. So why does the thought of leaving him suddenly feel a lot like leaving home? 

Tucker Locklear is just starting to move on after his wife’s death. While he can’t deny his attraction to the gorgeous, vivacious Josie, he won’t risk the pain of losing someone again. The sooner he gets Josie back on her feet and back to her real life, the safer he’ll be. But in Sweetwater Springs, love has a way of mending even the most damaged heart.

Includes the bonus short story “Last Chance Bride” from Hope Ramsay.

Titles in the Sweetwater Springs series include — Christmas on Mistletoe Lane – A Wedding on Lavender Hill (#1.5) –Springtime at Hope Cottage – Kiss Me in Sweetwater Springs (#2.5) – Snowfall on Cedar Trail –

Buttons are made to be undone

One wicked touch at a time…

Self-made businesswoman Lucinda Graves is determined to add a tropical hotel to her company’s empire.

Devastatingly handsome owner Jason Kaoki is willing to negotiate—but only if Lucinda rises to the challenges he sets!

Lucinda passes every test, but as each dare grows hotter and wilder than the last, will she be able to keep her eyes on the prize?

Titles in the Hotel Temptation series include — Unleashed – Undone – Untamed

Audrey Martinez is a veterinarian who has devoted her whole life to the care and protection of horses―even if doing so leaves her little time for meeting a man. Who would have thought that a strange case of criminal horseplay would lead her to fall deeply, wildly in love? If only the man who makes her heart race faster than a wild mustang would let his guard down, that is. . .

Caleb Harper is no ordinary cowboy. Sure, he wears his hat, boots, and jeans like a second skin, and displays an easygoing charm that comes from years of working on the ranch. But with his military background, and Army buddies at his side, he is tried-and-true Texas tough. Audrey knows she can trust a man like Caleb to help her save horses. But can Caleb trust himself to resist his attraction to Audrey―or will the sparks of their desire end up getting them burned?

Titles in the Heart of Texas series include —  The Christmas Cowboy Hero – Cowboy, Cross My HeartMy Favorite Cowboy – A Cowboy Like You –

I have always look forward to Anna’s Blog Ahead events.  It’s such a great way to get some reviews or just posts up and ready to run for those times when life happens and I simply cannot get things done.

I had a very strong reminder two weeks ago when I got hit with both Strain A & B of Influenza and pneumonia on top of that and spent almost a week in the hospital.  Life happens, and to be prepared for those moments when the crap hits the fan through no fault of my own simply makes sense.  I did have some scheduled posts during that time, but not nearly enough.  So it’s back to work and getting my act together so the blogs don’t go dark for so long again.  Sometimes you just have to learn lessons the hard way.

The Spring 2019 Blog Ahead event runs from March 1, 2019, through March 31, 2019 — but this year is a little different as we can choose how many weeks we want to take part.

I would have picked the 4-week challenge — but in reality, I was stuck in bed for the first week of March, so I’m going to officially pick the 3-week challenge but will add another week on my own to get ahead as much as I can.  This is a great way to make a habit of blogging ahead with scheduled posts all year long.  I’ve done it on three of my smaller blogs, but I really need to do it across the board on everything.  I was busy getting well – but I was also aware that my blogs had gone dark which is not a good thing, so my goal is to not let that happen again ultimately.

I sincerely hope you’ll jump on this blogging ahead event and discover the joy of not being rushed and panicked on those due dates.  🙂  Here’s the link: Spring 2019 Blog Ahead from Anna’s Herding Cats & Burning Soup. (you could also click on the graphic at the top of the page)

Good luck!


Music feeds my soul, much like a really good story does – so I added my own spin to Anna’s challenge over at Herding Cats & Burning Soup… I say it all with music.  Old, New, Rock, Country… it doesn’t matter, only that I tap my toes and maybe sing along.  How about you:?