July 12, 2020

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My Crazy Life This Week

Well.  2020 has been quite the decade so far this year, hasn’t it?  Yeah.  I know, sarcasm is one of my strong points.  🙂

I haven’t done a Stacking the Shelves for a long time, too long actually – so I figured it was time to jump back in.  Plus, I may not have done my own for a while but I’m still following the meme for new book recommendations from all of you.

It’s still a crazy world out there.  I have a loved one who is at great risk should he contract COVID-19 so we have pretty much been in our own lockdown since February 2020.  Maybe the nicest thing I’ve been told during this time is… “Do some shopping therapy now, we all need an escape.”  And my escape is books (and plants, and dragon tee-shirts) so I’m certainly not going to turn away that gift horse pulling a wagon full of books, right?  I won’t bore you with my up-to-the-minute book haul from the past weeks – but I can share what I bought or received as ARCs from NetGalley last week.

But… be ready for next week, for I’ve still got to go to NetGalley and check out the new releases and you know what’s happening right now don’t you?  The Christmas romances are starting to appear like fireflies at twilight so I’ll be adding those to my NetGalley shelf for certain.

Anyway, this week I picked up:

Any Rogue Will Do by Bethany Bennett (The beginning of the Misfits of Mayfair series) — and — Joy to the Wolves by Terry Spear (The beginning of the Red Wolf series) over at NetGalley.  See?  I wasn’t too bad at all this past week  (I think I’m saving space for scrolling later today and the Christmas releases muhahaha)

I did pick up:  (these are Goodreads links to the titles – and the ones above as well)

The Lighthouse & The Summer Sand Pact by Jessie Newton, the first 2 titles in a new series (Women’s Fiction with a touch of romance)

As Long As I Have You by Bella Andre, the beginning of the London Sullivans series

Teasing the Tiger by Rayna Tyler, the 5th title in the Paranormal/Shifter series, Seneca Falls Shifters (for my Shifter Haven blog)

In all, it wasn’t a huge haul of books (for me, anyway) but ones that definitely caught my interest.  I love to get started immediately on a new series instead of having to catch up so those NetGalley finds (and I love any of Terry Spear’s series) were great gems for me.

I hope you found some great new books to dive into during these crazy times.  Be safe, and happy reading!

Another crazy week in paradise!  Kinda.  Sorta.

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Just Life:

It’s been a relatively quiet week around the house and the blog(s).  I don’t have enough cheese to serve with a good whine but — I’m going stir crazy with only going to the mailbox down the driveway and the backyard & patio.  February seems like decades ago when I last went out.  Yes, we do delivery for just about everything.  When someone you love to the moon and back is physically disabled and this damned virus would kill them without question – then you stay home, wear a mask around people who have to come into your home (nurses), and get essentials delivered whenever possible… but that doesn’t stop the stir crazies nor the cabin fevers, right?  But we’re surviving – and that’s the ultimate goal.  So.  Someday is a dream I’ll cling to for now. (whine done, hope there was enough cheese 🙂 )

Reviews at Keeper Bookshelf this week:

I had some catching up to do this past week (and I’m still behind).  Where I once read to escape and could easily fall into any world – well, that’s something else this virus has stolen from me.  But, another week and I should be up to date on ARCs and can get back into a reasonable rhythm again.

How To Catch A Cowboy by Karen Foley

Daisy’s Summer Mission by Hannah Pearl

Just Friends by Lucy Keeling

Wrangling the Cowboy’s Heart by Leah Vale

The Life She Left Behind by Nicole Trope

Little Village of Second Chances by Gina Hollands

To Catch an Earl by Kate Bateman

A Stitch in Time by Amelia C. Adams

Wanted by the Marshal by Susan Lute

Issued by Paris Wynters

Haunt with Me by Rose Pressey

Bait N’ Witch by Abigail Owen

The Rake is Taken by Tracy Sumner

No, I didn’t read all of this last week – but I did get the reviews written up and posted here and everywhere else they needed to be.  As I mentioned, I’m behind and that means I’ve read a lot to escape but putting my thoughts together for a review took a bit longer.  *shrugs*  Hopefully, after this week’s posts I’ll be able to get to current and expected releases on the blog – and get my butt back on track.

I’ve loved taking part in any of the COYER Challenges over the years.  The fact that I don’t look so great on ‘paper’ is that I suck at keeping track of and going over to link up reviews that qualify.  Yeah.  My Bad.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t have fun with it though, and will plan my purely pleasure reading (not ARCs) with this Challenge in mind.

2020 has been a crazy year, right?  And I’ve recently discovered that the COYER Challenge is going to an All Year Long COYER — which is awesome, and in addition, there is a unique COYER Quarantine Edition that’s going on right now as well.  (Yes, I know, I’m terribly late to this show but… better late than never?)

So.  I’m going to go for a very low goal of books read for the Quarantine Edition of ten (10) books by August 31st.  You’d think I could remember to link up that many, right?  Let’s hope so, I’m really going to try – maybe by putting it in my Google Calendar I’ll have better luck.

Anyway.  If you love Challenges, and like me, this craziness we call our lives in quarantine had you missing this information as well… then hop on over (the link is in the graphic and above) and check it out for yourself.

Rock star Jack Masterson is every woman’s fantasy. His sex appeal, charm, and killer looks make women everywhere fall at his feet…except for Celina, who knew better.

After Jack shattered her dreams, it took Celina Harris two years to put her life back together, as well as her heart. Now the personal assistant to San Michele’s Serene Dowager Margaret, Celine finally has things under control. She spends her days catering to royal egos … but lives her nights like a nun.

When they are thrown together in the picturesque village of Combe St. Philip in the Cotswolds, Celina is determined to resist Jack’s charm; he’s the last thing she needs. But gorgeous Jack hasn’t been rejected since puberty and every encounter with Celina is petrol on the sparks that were ignited by seeing her again. Can Celina resist the former love of her life or will he break her heart all over again?

**Previously titled The Best Man’s Bride in the Royal Wedding Invitation multi-author series of 2017-2018**

Titles in the (reissued/renamed) Royal Weddings multi-author series include – Falling for Charming by Sophie Weston – Best Made Plans by Jessica Hart – If the Shoe Fits by Liz Fielding – Miss You More by Anne McAllister