2021 Reading Challenges

Although every single year I sign up for the current batch of Reading Challenges – I suck at linking my reviews of the books I’ve read to meet those Challenges.  I’ve no doubt that I aced them all… but I’ve no proof.  🙁

Since I recently have three (3) additional blogs that I’m running year-long now I decided in 2021 to spread out the Challenges to those blogs that better fit the Challenge requirements.

If you’re curious here are the 2021 Challenge pages for:

Shifter Haven

Happily Ever After Romance

Paranormal-y Romantic

So, what do we have for Keeper Bookshelf in 2021?  How about:

2021 Craving For Cozies Reading Challenge

I love Cozy Mysteries (and Paranormal Cozy Mysteries as well) so this is not a difficult Challenge to face — plus — when paired with the Challenge right below, it’s a perfect match. 🙂  As to level?  Let’s go with “Peckish – read 1 to 25 Cozy Mysteries”  I can always increase if it looks necessary.








NetGalley & Edelweiss 2021 Reading Challenge

I’ve been keeping my % numbers good lately, but we all know that “life happens” so this is a fun way to keep myself honest, up-to-date… and to see how much I really do read in brand new releases!

Frankly, my NetGalley numbers have been at 98% for most of 2020 – on purpose, when it starts to dip down I stop requesting books, even if I’m so anxious to read a new book from a favorite author.  Why?  Because it’s just so easy to overstuff on NetGalley – and every single book title and author that I request from NetGalley deserves my attention in a timely fashion (post-publish if at all possible).  But, as I mention, life does happen and suck at times so I keep a close watch on this.










2021 A to Z Reading Challenge

This is not a Challenge that I’ve attempted before, and it’s really not in the style that I’d normally pick… yet, it intrigues me so I’m going to give it my best shot in 2021.










2021 Alphabet Soup – Authors Edition Reading Challenge

This is another unique challenge as we aren’t tracking books (as much as) we’re tracking Authors.  Yep, read to your heart’s content, but try to fill out the alphabet with any part of the author’s name for this one. 🙂