2022 Reading Challenges

I’m always fascinated by folks who can actually keep track of, remember to link, or completely and successfully complete any year’s Reading Challenges.  I’ve yet to do that, so hat’s off to those that manage this amazing feat!  While I’m going to join in a few again this year (I’m a stubborn woman) my focus is going to be less on how many books I’ve read to redefining what this blog means to me – how I want to go forward with it – what is a reasonable blogging schedule – and making Keeper Bookshelf‘s presence a little bit more important than I have in the past.  In other words, I’m kind of testing the waters on what I want Keeper Bookshelf (which is my main blog, I do have three others that are genre-specific) to represent online while still enjoying myself in the process.  I’m sure most people will agree that the past few years have been anything but calm and business as usual.  And that has been reflected in my blogging schedule.  This year I’m focusing on ways to change some things, prepare for unexpected times away from the blog, or simply find joy in reading and talking about books once again.

To that end, the 2022 Bookish Resolutions Challenge may end up being the only “official” Challenge I join for KB this year.  And that’s okay, really.

This Reading Challenge is really very personal, very individual specific so I’m going to strongly suggest you follow one of the text links or click on the graphic to head over to the home of the Bookish Resolutions Challenge and read about it for yourself.  This is my interpretation of what I feel this challenge means for me in 2022.

So, at least 5 goals for 2022 (and I may add more, we’ll see):

1. Keep my NetGalley percentage at 98%-99% consistently which is a personal number for me, the suggested is at least 80%

2. At least one review per day – every freakin’ day … no more huge gaps in posting

3. Redesign the blog to flow easier, load faster, and reflect the reader/reviewer I am today not a decade ago

4. NetGalley reviews go up 5 days before the publication date no exceptions

5. Give a Twitter shout on publication day with a link to the post

6. Utilize the scheduled post option far more than now, it’s a tool – Use It

7. When multiple releases fall on the same day stagger them up to one week in advance

8. Stop waiting for release day to post reviews. Yes, it’s more convenient linking-wise but not smart at all. Stop it.

9. Increase the social media/online presence of this blog. Research. Join. Talk. Whatever needs to be done, stop lurking in the shadows

10. Request, purchase, agree to read only the books that spark interest – forget about numbers and go for really good books

11. Consider incorporating at least 2 of the additional blogs back into Keeper Bookshelf. If you aren’t spending quality time on them… well, what purpose are they?

—    —    —    —    —    —    —    —    —    —    —    —    —    —    —    —    —    —    —    —    —    —    —    —    —    —    —    —    —    —    —

Normally, that list would be written in a physical notebook and probably ignored once I closed the notebook and put it back on the shelf.  I don’t want to ignore these points any longer so making this a public, visible challenge goal is a way to hold myself accountable for what I want to accomplish for Keeper Bookshelf in 2022.  I’m actually thinking of changing the name of the blog since so many people seem to have no clue as to what a Keeper Shelf for favorite, re-read books is all about!  Anyways.  This is my plan for 2022.  Now to get to work on it.