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Welcome to Keeper Bookshelf – I’m Marsha, the owner of this site.  And I can be contacted at:  marshaspohn@gmail.com should you so desire.

I have a lifelong affair going on with books, I suspect you share that same love since you’re here.  What you’ll find at Keeper Bookshelf are my thoughts, opinions, feelings, and recommendations about the novels that I’ve read… both recently and have re-read over the years.

A “keeper bookshelf” is a phrase that’s been used by readers as a place where they store the books that matter most to them, the ones that touched their hearts and that they fully intend to read again, and often.  That is how the name of this blog and the idea behind it originated.

I often receive e-ARCs from NetGalley.  Often I receive ARCs from the author or their representative.  I purchase many of my own novels, borrow them from my public library, have wonderful friends who re-gift their finished reading books to me, or “borrow” copies from my Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription where I pay a monthly fee in order to read books and return them.  I guess you can tell that I love reading and have many ways to feed that particular addiction.  I am a fast reader, and I’m retired so no one cares if the dishes get left in the sink while I finish up a story.  🙂  (I mention that because my reading count is often quite high — but for me, it’s not unreasonable.)

You will find a wide variety of genre here at Keeper Bookshelf for my interests are vast and varied.  I also have several smaller blogs that showcase a particular genre.  That list of blogs can be found on the sidebar, and I hope you’ll visit a few.

I enjoy using my imagination, and the author’s words to transport myself to another dimension, another time, another place.  On this site, I wanted to share my love of these types of novels – stories that take me out of the ordinary into the possibilities.

I certainly hope that you will find something here that will spark your imagination, and make you want to make a new novel discovery of your own.

… ah, yes.  Throughout the site, you will see links to Amazon.com or other places where these book titles can be purchased.  Should you decide to click on those links and end up buying a book, you can assume that I will make a commission.  Certainly not enough to send me to Vulcan – but maybe to keep this website up and running for another year.

Whether you click on a link – or not – I want you to enjoy your time here, and hopefully, I will introduce you to an author or style of book that you have not yet tried.  It is truly all about the books.

Enjoy your time browsing my Keeper Bookshelf.

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    • Marcy

      You are more than welcome. I should be thanking you (and I do) for the wonderful stories you create. I love diving into your worlds no matter what genre they’re in at the moment. 🙂

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