Afraid To Die by Lisa Jackson

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Afraid To DieReturning to Grizzly Falls, Montana would be a lot more fun if they didn’t have so many serial murders around there!  But then, that would leave us with nothing new to read from the ongoing “to Die” series by Lisa Jackson.

Once again murder returns to hover over the winter holidays of Detective Selena Alvarez and her partner, Detective Regan Pescoli.

This time the mad killer is placing bits of Selena’s stolen jewelery on the bodies of his victims – frozen naked works of “art” by a killer who not only believes in revenge,  but in painfully, slowly unwinding secrets Selena would have liked to keep in her past.

Secrets will always find their way to the surface – Selena must make sure that her secrets are told to the necessary people before the killer makes them headlines.

Private Investigator Dylan O’Keefe has close ties to those old secrets and he is not going to let Selena keep them from him any longer.

A love gets a second chance – if – secrets can be told and trust freely given by both Selena and Dylan.

(possible spoilers ahead)

This was a very good read from Lisa Jackson.  I have visited the Grizzly Falls community before and was not disappointed by this return story.

In any mystery there are always clues – as long as we follow the correct ones and not the red herrings!   After I had finished “Afraid to Die” I saw where the clues were and I looked right over them, reaching instead for the more obvious…  you’d think I’d learn by now.

Sometimes it takes something so trivial, so unimportant to spark a madman’s deadly art creations – once begun, there is no ending until the final masterpiece is in place.

Selena and Dylan have a shared past.. with secrets.  Selena has more secrets that Dylan knows nothing about… yet.  One person knows the secrets and will take lives without concern in order to bring Selena punishment for her first small … secret, and the ones to follow.

Try to figure out the killer, without reading the ending    .. before it comes naturally.  I think you’ll be surprised – and will enjoy the journey to get to that discovery from Lisa Jackson.

Afraid to Die  is available from Amazon and Kindle


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