An arranged marriage just in time for Christmas.

Alice has never felt so lonely. Having lived both a life of poverty and then of riches due to her father making his fortune later in life, Alice finds herself sent from America to England, in order to marry the Charles, the Earl of Allerton.

Charles is much too generous. Over the years, he has given his brother too much money to free him from debts and is now forced to find a rich bride. Knowing that Miss Jones has a large fortune, Charles prepares to meet his betrothed.

He is horrified by her lack of manners. Mortified by his beautiful yet embarrassing bride to be, Charles tries to keep his distance, whilst still preparing for their Christmas wedding. Alice finds him distant and unfriendly, whilst his aunt, Lady Fossett, is nothing short of cruel. When offensive notes begin to arrive, Alice struggles against the urge to return home, leaving her new life in England behind.

With their Christmas wedding only a few weeks away, Charles and Alice must find a way to come together. Will Alice be able to confront Charles about the notes? Or will Charles continue to push her away, right when she needs him the most?

Alice’s Arranged Marriage is the first story in the multi-author series Home for Christmas.

Title:  Alice’s Arranged Marriage
Series:  Home for Christmas #1
Author:  Joyce Alec
Genre:  Historical Romance
Published:  October 28, 2019
My Rating:  3 stars

Although ALICE’S ARRANGED MARRIAGE is only the first story in the multi-author series Home for Christmas, I find myself with no desire to continue the series.  The story itself is a good one, an unwanted but necessary arranged marriage for Charles, and no other option due to the time in history for Alice.  The premise is not new, in fact, it is often expected in Regency or Historical Romance.

The truth is simple, for me at least.  I cannot remember a time when I found the main love interest so rude, uncaring, indifferent to anyone but his own feelings, and so unthinkingly and uncaringly cruel to his betrothed.  I hated Charles, his aunt and his brother with an intensity that surprised me.  Charles is a jerk of the first waters – and I found no redemption in his late to the party declarations of love and devotion.  His aunt is a piece of work, and I have no words for that woman that would not be considered profanity.

If you can go past the fact that the hero of this romance is no hero at all, then you’ll find a good story/romance where emotions run high and you’ll immediately be on Alice’s side along with a certain Duke and Duchess who befriend her.  I simply am not willing to take the chance on any other stories in this series.  Call me old-fashioned and a romantic but I need my Christmas Romance to be… loving at some point, not as an afterthought.  So, no, this is a good story that will find an audience but I won’t be back for more.  If I was expected to be emotional about Charles’ and Alice’s romance then I certainly was but perhaps not in the way I felt throughout this story.

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