And… we begin Winter COYER

If you haven’t run into COYER yet in the book blogging/reading world then this is your chance to get in on some reading fun, meet new folks, make more friendships (and we never have enough of those), and probably most important of all Clean Out Your EReader… just a bit at least.  🙂

The rules and all that very important jazz can be found on the sign-up page through this link or by clicking on that COYER graphic over there.  <–  Or… up there since that’s where the spacing landed.  *ironic chuckle can be heard*

I’m planning on the stricter Winter COYER since finding the time to actually do buddy reading is such a hit or miss for me.  Yeah, life often gets in the way of the fun stuff — but, that’s okay I have a ton of books that qualify for this event just waiting for me to open up the Kindle.  You know, those “free” read the first in the series offerings, those times when a book smack in the middle of a series goes on the 99¢ or $1.99 sale, or simply books that were originally offered at those lower prices.  Far too many of those books are on my Kindle if I’m totally honest here so COYER is very welcomed and very needed in my reading life from today until March 7, 2020.  And who knows, maybe I’ll make some good habits to keep on reading those books that have waited so patiently for me on my Kindle all this time.  One can hope, at least.

Although NetGalley ARCs do qualify, I’m going to try my hardest to not count them for one simple reason — this is my attempt to get some of those unread books off of my Kindle, into my brain, and on my blog as review posts.  I’m already doing that with NetGalley ARCs.  Now this is just my own decision because I looked over the books I bought last year (I keep a notebook so I remember them all) and I’m saddened and a bit mad at myself for letting so many of these remain unread.  Cleaning out my e-reader is my goal for this COYER, but that’s me.  You go check out the sign-up page and pick the options that work best for you, and you alone.

Now, it was requested that we pick one book (the price on this one doesn’t matter) as a Recommended Book.  *sigh*  Now how the heck am I supposed to pick just one?? After a lot of thought, I picked an older title by Nora Roberts entitled “The Witness”.  It’s a stand-alone novel, a Romantic Suspense/Action styled story that I go back to re-read at least once a year.  There were many books on my list of various genres and heat levels, but I thought that if I could only recommend one really good book to a friend which one would it be.  And, “The Witness” fits perfectly (for my personality and reading style).

Okay, that’s it for me.  Now fire up those e-readers and get started on those lonely e-books!

2 thoughts on “And… we begin Winter COYER

    1. Thanks 🙂 My poor TBR pile has so many titles that would qualify so I’m hoping to get a decent chunk of older ones finally read. Good luck – we got this!

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