Adams, Amelia C.

I’ve enjoyed Amelia C. Adams‘ writing for some time now.  She writes in several genres but I follow her in Contemporary Romance and Western Historical Romance multi-author series… for the most part.  I enjoy her stories very much.  Realistic characters, good solid storylines and a secondary character cast that will often have their own moment in the spotlight as well.  I tend to stick with authors that I enjoy stepping into their created worlds, and I love every moment spent in Ms. Adams’ stories.

Her official website can be found at AMELIA C. ADAMS   From there you can see absolutely every single title she’s written.

**Note**  At one time all of these titles in bold were read and reviewed for my Historically Romantic website.  Unfortunately, that site no longer exists.  Only titles reviewed here at Keeper Bookshelf will be linked – it’s simply too much to go back and move all of those reviews over here.  However, if you are interested in my opinions on those books my reviews are also on Goodreads.

Kansas Crossroads

An interesting side note here — if you enjoy following a series through the generations there is a new Contemporary Romance series entitled Brody Hotel which begins with Adam’s fourth great grandson renovating the family hotel (this very hotel we’re reading about now) in modern times. 

  • A New Beginning #1 – Adam & Elizabeth
  • A Free Heart #2 – Harriet & Tom
  • The Dark and The Dawn #3 – Jeanette & Phillip
  • A Clean Slate #4 – Olivia & Robert
  • A Clear Hope #5 – Abigail & Gabriel
  • The Whisper of Morning #6 – Caroline & Wallace
  • A Careless Wind #7 – Rachel & Nicholas
  • A Narrow Road #8 – Margaret & Wade
  • The Bitter and the Sweet #9 – Sarah & Stephen
  • The Calm of Night #10 – Nancy & Timothy
  • A Begrudging Bride #11 – Camille & David
  • A Twisted Fate #12 – Giselle & Jesse
  • An Unspoken Dream #13 – Grace & Gilbert
  • A Joyful Noise #14 – Georgia & Chet
  • A Broken Wing ( part of the Cowboys and Calico anthology) – Trinity & Raymond
  • The Echo of Music (part of the Gunsmoke and Gingham box set) – Nathan & Orinda
  • The Risk and The Reward (part of the Pistols and Poplin anthology) – Sybil & Grant
  • A Distant Shore (part of the Rustlers & Ribbons anthology – Collette & Gabriel

Kanas Crossroads – a continuation of the earlier stories

This series is picking up again in late 2018 with #15… and stories that obviously come before A Distant Shore in the timeline. (and some titles by different authors – which if they were once a Kindle Worlds story makes perfect sense)

  •   #15  A Passing Glance – Posy & Parker
  •   #16  A Christmas Promise –
  •   #17  The Turn of a Wheel –
  •   #??  Secrets of the Past – (A Kansas Crossroads Story by Marie Higgins)
  •   #??  A Promised Heart – (A Kansas Crossroads story by Kate Marie Clark)

Nurses of New York (a spin-off from Kansas Crossroads)

  1.   Sea of Strangers –  Jeanette & Phillip
  2.   Cause of Conflict – Sophie & Edward
  3.   Touch of Tenderness – Libby & Lewis
  4.   Heart of Hearts – Irene & Frank
  5.   Test of Time – Jeanette & Phillip

Kansas Cowboys (connection to Kansas Crossroads)

  1.   A Wrangler for Wynonna – Jack & Wynonna
  2.   A Handyman for Helen –

Cowboys and Angels (multi-author series)

  • # 08 Bribing the Blacksmith
  • #15 Tea For Two
  • #19 Loving the Landlord
  • #24  Defying The Darkness
  • #27 Rhyme or Reason
  • #32  Making A Memory
  • #38  Learning Her Lines

Quinn Valley Ranch (a spin-off from River’s End Ranch)

A bit of a confession — these pages are really a way for me to combine my “TBR List”, “Wish List”, “Oh, I’ve Already Read That” List and “Hmmm, Maybe One Day” Lists.  These pages on all of my blogs help me to keep my reading adventures in an order that makes sense to me… that they are also of benefit to other readers is a wonderful bonus point for us all.  *grin*