Anne, Melody

Melody Anne is an author that I’ve read as many of her books as I could find over the years.  She always delivers a love story with more… more family involvement, more intensity, more passion.  Her website can be found at this link:  Melody Anne

Unfortunately for me, I had reviewed her books on a website of mine that no longer exists due to being hacked and virus injected and impossible to save.  I “could” recreate those reviews by going back to Goodreads but, well, I don’t have the heart, the time, or the space to that right now.  So, I’ll be linking titles from today onwards (10-9-19)  Still, I wanted a page to keep her series straight in my mind so I don’t double buy titles being re-released or with new covers.  And as a reference for me — should that be of help to you then that’s a bonus for us both.

I would strongly suggest her stories to any Romance reader who truly enjoys the delicate dance of falling in love no matter the obstacles in the way.

Titles that have been reviewed here at Keeper Bookshelf are linked back to the review post.  There are, of course, other series which you can find on her official website – I’ve listed what I’ve read or intend to read.  This list goes from the most recent series at the top of the list down to the earliest series.  Enjoy.

Anderson Billionaires

  1.   Finn – Brooke & Finn
  2.   Noah

The Billionaire Aviators

  1.   Turbulent Intentions
  2.   Turbulent Desires
  3.   Turbulent Waters
  4.   Turbulent Intrigue

Unexpected Heroes

  • prequel in the anthology Baby, It’s Cold Outside
  1.   Safe in His Arms
  2.   Her Unexpected Hero
  3.   Who I Am With You
  4.   Her Hometown Hero
  5.   Following Her
  6.   Her Forever Hero

Baby for the Billionaire

  1.   The Tycoon’s Revenge
  2.   The Tycoon’s Vacation
  3.   The Tycoon’s Proposal
  4.   The Tycoon’s Secret
  5.   The Lost Tycoon

The Lost Andersons

  1.   Unexpected Treasure
  2.   Hidden Treasure
  3.   Holiday Treasure
  4.   Priceless Treasure
  5.   The Ultimate Treasure

Billionaire Bachelors

  1.   The Billionaire Wins the Game
  2.   The Billionaire’s Dance
  3.   The Billionaire Falls
  4.   The Billionaire’s Marriage Proposal
  5.   Blackmailing the Billionaire
  6.   Runaway Heiress
  7.   The Billionaire’s Final Stand