Kristen Ashley writes some amazing stories.  In fact, my second favorite hero (sorry, no one tops Roarke) is Tack from Motorcycle Man.  Any man who can be as badass, sexy and MC as that guy and still show a tender side wins my heart forever… well, tender in a Tack kind of way.  *grin*

Her official website can be found at  Kristen Ashley

The majority of Ms. Ashely’s works that I’ve read had been reviewed over at my Romance Is Ageless site, (which no longer exists).  If you haven’t read anything by her yet I would gently suggest that you pick up the start of a series (Rock Chick or Dream Man would be my suggestions) and discover a new author to follow.

Titles that have been reviewed at Keeper Bookshelf are linked back to the review post.

Rock Chick

  1.   Rock Chick – Indy & Lee
  2.   Rock Chick Rescue – Jet & Eddie
  3.   Rock Chick Redemption – Roxie & Hank
  4.   Rock Chick Renegade – Jules & Vance
  5.   Rock Chick Revenge – Ava & Luke
  6.   Rock Chick Reckoning – Stella & Mace
  7.   Rock Chick Regret – Sadie & Hector
  8.   Rock Chick Revolution – Ally & Ren
  9.   Rock Chick Reawakening (1001 Dark Nights)
  10.   Rock Chick Reborn

Dream Man

  1.   Mystery Man – Hawk & Gwen
  2.   Wild Man – Tessa & Brock
  3.   Law Man – Mara & Mitch
  4.   Motorcycle Man – Tack & Tyra
  5.   Quiet Man – Mo & Lottie

The Dream Series – (combining worlds of Rock Chick & Dream Man)

  1.   Dream Maker –

Chaos (a spin-off of the MC in Dream Man/Motorcycle Man)

  1. Own The Wind
  2. Fire Inside
  3. Ride Steady
  4. Walk Through Fire
  5. Rough Ride (1001 Dark Nights) –
  6. Wild Like the Wind –
  7. Free – — (The finale to the Chaos series…sigh, didn’t want it to end)
  8. additional bonus stories

    More Pleasure Than Pain (read it after Ride Steady)

    Elvira Bonus Scene (read after Walk Through Fire)

    Every Year in the Christmas Anthology – A Christmas To Remember

The Unfinished Heroes

  1.   Knight – Anya & Knight
  2.   Creed – Sylvie & Creed
  3.   Raid – Hanna & Raid (Raiden)
  4.   Deacon – Cassidy & Deacon
  5.   Sebring – Olivia & Nick

There are so many titles I’ve not read yet, and when I start those series I will add them here.  For the best information, head to Kristen Ashley’s official website… the link is up top.

~ ~ These Author & Book Lists pages are really a combination of my TBR lists and my Wishlists.  I read A LOT, and keeping track of what I need to pick up next in a series is an ongoing issue — these pages help me with that problem.  If they are also of help or interest to you, then that is a bonus for us both.  🙂