Daniels, B. J.

B. J. Daniels is such a prolific author, one whose books I’ve been reading for years.  In all honesty, I’ll not be adding her entire book-list here at the moment (it only seems that way because of the volume of her work  🙂 ).  Only the connecting series, the more recent series or multi-author series.  Why?  Because she has so many books, most that I’ve read long before I began blogging so I need to do a bit of re-reading before those show up here.  This page is mainly for my benefit to know what needs to be read next or what is publishing soon.  If this page is interesting and perhaps beneficial to you is a happy side effect of its intended use.  🙂

However, for much more information including her entire book lists, you can visit her official website at  —  B. J. Daniels

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** Some titles were once reviewed at Lovin’ A Cowboy Romance – a smaller blog of mine that is no longer in existence.  Those review posts will be recreated here over time**

Sterling’s Montana

  1.   Stroke of Luck
  2.   Luck of the Draw
  3.   Just His Luck

Montana Cahills

  1.   Renegade’s Pride
  2.   Outlaw’s Honor
  3.   Cowboy’s Legacy
  4.   Cowboy’s Redemption
  5.   Hero’s Return
  6.   Rancher’s Dream
  7.   Wrangler’s Rescue


Whitehorse, Montana: The Clementine Sisters

  1.   Hard Rustler – Dawson & Annie
  2.   Rogue Gunslinger
  3.   Rugged Defender

Whitehorse, Montana: The McGraw Kidnappings

  1.   Dark Horse  – Cull & Nikki
  2.   Dead Ringer – Ledger & Abby
  3.   Rough Rider – Boone & C.J.

Whitehorse, Montana:  Chisholm Cattle Co.

  1.   Branded
  2.   Lassoed
  3.   Rustled
  4.   Stampeded
  5.   Corralled
  6.   Wrangled

Whitehorse, Montana: Winchester Ranch

  1.   Gun-Shy Bride
  2.   Hitched!
  3.   Twelve-Gage Guardian
  4.   Boots and Bullets
  5.   High-Caliber Christmas
  6.   Winchester Christmas Wedding

Whitehorse, Montana: The Corbetts

  1.   Shotgun Bride
  2.   Hunting Down the Horseman
  3.   Big Sky Dynasty
  4.   Smokin’ Six-Shooter
  5.   One Hot Forty-Five

Whitehorse,  Montana

  1.   Secrets of Deadman’s Coulee
  2.   The New Deputy in Town
  3.   The Mystery Man of Whitehorse
  4.   Classified Christmas
  5.   Matchmaking with a Mission
  6.   Second Chance Cowboy
  7.   Montana Royalty

Beartooth, Montana

  1.   Fallen
  2.   Unforgiven
  3.   Redemption
  4.   Forsaken
  5.   Atonement
  6.   Mercy

Montana Hamiltons

  1.   Wild Horses
  2.   Lone Rider
  3.   Lucky Shot
  4.   Hard Rain
  5.   Into Dust
  6.   Honor Bound

Cardwell Ranch

  1.   Crime Scene at Cardwell Ranch
  2.   Justice at Cardwell Ranch
  3.   Cardwell Ranch Trespasser
  4.   Christmas at Cardwell Ranch
  5.   Cardwell Christmas Crime Scene

Cardwell Cousins

  1.   Christmas at Cardwell Ranch
  2.   Rescue at Caldwell Ranch
  3.   Wedding at Cardwell Ranch
  4.   Deliverance at Cardwell Ranch
  5.   Reunion at Cardwell Ranch

Cardwell Ranch: Montana Legacy

  1.   Steel Resolve
  2.   Iron Will –

~~ A bit of a confession — these pages are really a way for me to combine my “TBR List”, “Wish List”, “Oh, I’ve Already Read That” List and “Hmmm, Maybe One Day” Lists.  These pages on my blogs help me to keep my reading adventures in an order that makes sense to me… that they are also of benefit to other readers is a wonderful bonus point for us all.  *grin*