Dodd, Christina

Christina Dodd writes captivating novels, rich in details across several genres.  I have enjoyed her Historical Romances, Contemporary Romantic Suspense, and Paranormal-Fantasy novels.  You are taken deep into her worlds for a captivating experience, and characters who will live on in your memory.  Her Romantic Suspense and Paranormal Romance titles have become my favorites, and I’ve been known to break out a series and start it all over again.

For a complete listing of all Christina Dodd‘s works plus much more here is the link to her official website.  Christina Dodd

Many of her titles were read long before I began this blog.  I’ll need to do some catching up on these, but in the meantime:

Any titles reviewed at Keeper Bookshelf are linked to the review post.

Viture Falls

  • #0.5  The Listener
  •    #1  Virtue Falls
  • #1.5  The Relatives
  •    #2  Obsession Falls
  • #2.5  Love Never Dies
  •    #3  Because I’m Watching
  • #3.5  The Watcher
  •    #4  The Woman Who Couldn’t Scream

Cape Charade (a Virtue Falls spin-off series)

  • #0.5  Hard to Kill
  •    #1  Dead Girl Running
  • #1.5  Family and Other Enemies
  •    #2  What Doesn’t Kill Her
  • #2.5  Hidden Truths
  •    #3  Strangers She Knows

Darkness Chosen

  1. Scent of Darkness
  2. Touch of Darkness
  3. Into the Shadow
  4. Into the Flame

Chosen Ones

  1. Storm of Visions
  2. Storm of Shadows
  3. Chains of Ice
  4. Chains of Fire
  5. Wilder
  6. Stone Angel (eBook Novella)




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