I discovered Linda Hubalek while browsing through Amazon for my next Western Historical Romance series to start.  (there are a lot of authors I’ve still to discover and I’m looking forward to that)  She writes stories from the Kansas prairie, some Historical and some Contemporary Romance.  I enjoy her style of writing and I’m looking forward to many stories to devour over time.

Her official website can be found at this link, there you’ll find more about her other stories:   Linda Hubalek

I do want to mention something here.  Ms. Hubalek had written a few Kindle Worlds stories that were part of the Montana Sky world and connected or lead into her Grooms With Honor series.  In the summer of 2018 Amazon shut down the Kindle Worlds program and any authors who had written in that program had to remove any reference or characters from the “parent” series if they choose to republish those KW titles.  I had already purchased the Kindle Worlds stories that you’ll see here before that announcement… and I’m certainly not going to ignore those stories as they are part of two series that I’ve enjoyed.  So, I’ll read and review the stories that I already own, and look for the revised ones at some point in the future.

At one time these titles were reviewed on Historically Romantic.  A blog of mine that no longer exists because of… events.  Any title in bold has been read and reviewed (you can find those reviews on either GoodReads or Amazon) – titles in bold with an active link have been reviewed here at Keeper Bookshelf – not bold? well, those have yet to be read but working on it.  It’s impossible, not to mention time-consuming to recreate those posts here, some are several years old.  I’m simply moving on from today (July 2019). 

Brides With Grit

  1.   Rania Ropes A Rancher – Rania & Jacob
  2.   Millie Marries A Marshal – Millie & Adam
  3.   Hilda Hogties A Horseman –  Hilda & Noah
  4.   Cora Captures A Cowboy –  Cora & Dagmar
  5.   Sarah Snares A Soldier – Sarah & Marcus
  6.   Cate Corrals A Gentleman – Cate & Isaac
  7.   Darcie Desires A Drover – Darcie & Reuben
  8.   Tina Tracks A Trail Boss –  Tina & Leif
  9.   Lorna Loves A Lawyer – Lorna & Lyle
  10.   Helen Heals A Hotelier – Helen & Ethan
  11.   Faye Favors A Foreman – Faye & Rusty
  12.   Amy Admires An Amish Man – Amy & Eli

American Mail-Order Brides (connects to Brides With Grit)

  • Lilly, Bride of Illinois

Grooms With Honor (connects to Brides With Grit)

  1.   Nolan’s Vow – Nolan & Holly — (Montana Sky Kindle Worlds)
  2.   Elof’s Mission – Elof & Linnea — (Montana Sky Kindle Worlds)
  3.   Angus’ Trust – Angus & Daisy
  4.   Fergus’ Honor – Fergus & Iris
  5.   Gabe’s Pledge – Gabe & Iva Mae
  6.   Mack’s Care – Mack & Pansy
  7.   Jasper’s Wish – Jasper & Julip — (Montana Sky Kindle Worlds)
  8.   Cullen’s Love – Cullen & Rose
  9.   Seth’s Promise – Seth & Lily
  10.   Adolph’s Choice – Adolph & Poppy
  11.   Tully’s Faith – Tully & Violet
  12.   Kiowa’s Oath – Kiowa & Mary

Mismatched Mail Order Brides (connects to Brides With Grit)

  1.   The Peashooter Society’s Plan – introduction to the series – 20 years after Brides With Grit
  2.   Amelia Changes Her Fellow – Amelia & Barton
  3.   Avalee Exchanges Her Fiancé – Avalee & Gordon
  4.   Maggie Shifts Her Gent – Maggie & Peter
  5.   Maisie Swaps Her Groom – Maisie & Squires
  6.   Molly Switches Her Man – Molly & Tobin
  7.   Nadine Trades Her Partner – Nadine & Wesley

There is a Contemporary Romance series that features the descendants of many of the people we’ve come to know and love from Clear Creek.  These are those titles should you want to move into modern times with old friends.

Clear Creek Legacy (connects to Brides With Grit)

  1.   The Saddler’s Legacy –  the Shepard families
  2.   The Rancher’s Birthright –  the Reagan families
  3.   The Marshal’s Gift –  the Wilerson families
  4.   The Cowboy’s Heritage –  the Hamner families
  5.   The Soldier’s Bequest –  the Brenner families

~~ A bit of a confession — these pages are really a way for me to combine my “TBR List”, “Wish List”, “Oh, I’ve Already Read That” List and “Hmmm, Maybe One Day” Lists.  These pages on all of my blogs help me to keep my reading adventures in an order that makes sense to me… that they are also of benefit to other readers is a wonderful bonus point for us all.  *grin*