Kirsten Osbourne is a writer of both Contemporary and Western Historical Romance.  I have enjoyed her works across both genres.  While I certainly haven’t finished catching up on all of her backlists, it is not an unpleasant chore to keep on trying.  *grin*  Although she has several series, I’m not certain how well I’ll be able to keep up with this prolific writer’s newest additions, but I’ll certainly try.

Her official website can be found at this link – KIRSTEN OSBOURNE

At one time, I had Ms. Osbourne’s titles listed on their own pages on two genres specific blogs.  Due to circumstances far beyond my control, those blogs are no longer in existence.  It would be time-consuming (and space-consuming) to recreate years worth of review blogs here at Keeper Bookshelf, so I’m simply going to go forward from July 2019.  Titles in bold have been read and reviewed at some point.  Those reviews can still be found either on GoodReads or on Amazon.  Titles in bold with links will take you to the review posts here.

To make life easier for us all visiting this page I’ll specify which series are Contemporary – or Western Historical

At the Altar (Contemporary Romance)

*There are a lot of titles in this long series that I have not yet read.  Because of space limitations, I’m only going to list the ones I’ve read and reviewed with links to those on Keeper Bookshelf*

  •  #1  Married in Montana
  • #13  Anchored in Alaska
  • #14  Sweethearts in South Dakota
  • #17  Always in Albuquerque: Four Corners

River’s End Ranch (multi-author) (Contemporary Romance)

  •  #1  Short-Order Sheriff
  •  #6  Ranch’s Retreat
  • #11  Bridget’s Beau
  • #16  Baker’s Bob
  • #21  Flyboy’s Fancy
  • #26  Forever Family
  • #31  Peppermint Proposal
  • #41  Doctor’s Delight
  • #46  Facing Fears
  • #59  Jennifer’s Journey (ends the River’s End Ranch and leads into Quinn Valley Ranch)

Quinn Valley Ranch (multi-author) (Contemporary Romance)

  •  #1  Taco-Truck Tryst
  •  #7  Darling Dreamer
  • #13  Derek’s Darling
  • #18  Riley’s Reverend

Seven Sons (Contemporary Romance)

  •  #1  Adam
  •  #3  Caleb
  •  #5  Ephriam
  •  #7  Gideon

Brides of Beckham (Western Historical Romance)

  1.   Mail Order Mayhem – Maude & John
  2.   Mail Order Mama – Emily & Benjamin
  3.   Mail Order Madness – Susan & David
  4.   Mail Order Mix-up – Ellen & Patrick
  5.   Mail Order Mistake – Malinda & Wesley
  6.   Mail Order Maternity – Esther & Thomas
  7.   Mail Order Match Maker – Harriet & Maxwell
  8.   Mail Order Motherhood – Clara & Albert
  9.   Mail Order Matron – Julia & Edward
  10.   Mail Order Meddler – Tracy & Andrew
  11.   Mail Order Misfit – Elaine & Colin
  12.   Mail Order Minx – Millie & Connor
  13.   Mail Order Misunderstanding – Julia & Tom
  14.   Mail Order Misfortune – Anna & Jesse
  15.   Mail Order Melody – Eliza & Calvin
  16.   Mail Order Mischief – Elizabeth & Bernard
  17.   Mail Order Mistletoe – Lars & Meg
  18.   Mail Order Midwife – Patsy & Wesley
  19.   Mail Order Merry – Merry & Clyde
  20.   Mail Order Miracle – Francine & Wallace (founding family of River’s End Ranch series)
  21.   Mail Order Menace – Cliff & Ernie (Ernestine)
  22.   Mail Order Memories – Mary & William
  23.   Mail Order Miller –  Doris & Harvey — *anthology Pistols & Poplin
  24.   Mail Order Marm –  Darryl & Rica (Frederica) — *anthology Rustlers & Ribbons
  25.   Mail Order Melancholy – Gretchen and Reginald
  26.   Mail Order Machinations –  Brody & Esther
  27.   Mail Order Marvel – Jackson & Coral
  28.   Mail Order Mother – Andrew & Caroline
  29.   Mail Order Miscreant – Charlie (Charlotte) & Abel

A Brides of Beckham Novel

These titles are part of the Brides of Beckham world but not all by Kirsten Osbourne, some by different authors with permission, as cross-over starter novels or formerly part of the Kindle World program that no longer exists.

  • Mail Order Majesty by Sara Jolene – beginning of Clover Lake Grooms series
  • Mail Order Maiden by Sara Jolene – #4 Clover Lake Grooms
  • Mail Order Molly by Amelia C. Adams
  • Mail Order Miranda by Margery Scott
  • Mail Order Melanie by Margery Scott
  • Mail Order Moments by Cissie Patterson
  • Mail Order Millennium by Peggy L. Henderson
  • Mail Order Marshal by George H. McVey – a crossover to the Silverpines series
  • Mail Order Machinations by Kirsten Osbourne – (was a Kindle World Montana Sky connection but no longer)

Cowboys and Angels (multi-author) (Western Historical Romance)

  •   Beatrice the Bride –  #1
  •   Mail Order Merchant (a Brides of Beckham crossover) #5
  •   Bargain for Baby – #10
  •   Reforming the Rebel – #14
  •   Capturing the Cook –  #20

Madame Matchmaker (Orlan Orphans & Nowhere, Texas connection) (Western Historical Romance)

  1.   Abner’s Adventure – Abner & Catherine

The Alphabet Mail-Order Brides (multi-author series) (Western Historical Romance)

  •   #02  Beulah’s Brains – Beulah & Jack (a McClain family connection)
  •   #10 Jessamine’s Journal – Jessamine & Robert

~ ~ A bit of a confession — these pages are really a way for me to combine my “TBR List”, “Wish List”, “Oh, I’ve Already Read That” List and “Hmmm, Maybe One Day” Lists.  These pages on all of my blogs help me to keep my reading adventures in an order that makes sense to me… that they are also of benefit to other readers is a wonderful bonus point for us all.  *grin*