Authors & Book (series) List

I follow a lot of authors, most are auto-buys for me… and those individual lists (pages) are taking over Keeper Bookshelf‘s Menu space.  I do not intend to get rid of all those pages.  It took a lot of time, research, and frankly, love of an author’s work to put them together in the first place.


Authors and their Book Lists will be here on this main page with a link to the individual page to trim down the load time for the website.

Having these lists really helps me to see what I still need to read, to know what’s coming soon – and since I’ve heard from so many visitors that they have helped them as well I don’t want to eliminate them.  This is a compromise that I hope works for us all.  🙂

Anne, Melody

Ashley, Kristen

Foster, Melissa

Feehan, Christine

Hatler, Susan

Morgan, Kit

Robb, J. D.

Roberts, Nora

Shalvis, Jill

Shayne, Maggie

St. Claire, Roxanne

Thayne, RaeAnne

Yates, Maisey