Hatler, Susan

Susan Hatler is a romance author who never fails to deliver an excellent, involved and well thought out love story.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a full-length novel, a novella or a very pin-point short story – I know what to expect and that is a great story.

You can find her official website at that link –>  Susan Hatler

This is her booklist (current at the moment but updated as often as possible) — some of these titles were originally reviewed on another of my blogs which, unfortunately, no longer exists.  I, honestly, have not yet made the final decision on re-posting those older reviews here – I may simply restart with the newer titles.  It all depends on time and space on the website.  In any event, you can find more information about any title on Ms. Hatler’s official website (the link is above).

Titles that have been reviewed here @ Keeper Bookshelf are linked back to the review post.

Treasured Dreams

  1.   An Unexpected Date
  2.   An Unexpected Kiss
  3.   An Unexpected Love
  4.   An Unexpected Proposal
  5.   An Unexpected Wedding
  6.   An Unexpected Joy
  7.   An Unexpected Baby

Better Date Than Never

  1.   Love At First Date
  2.   Truth or Date
  3.   My Last Blind Date
  4.   Save The Date
  5.   A Twist of Date
  6.   License to Date
  7.   Driven to Date
  8.   Up to Date
  9.   Deja Date
  10.   Dash to Date

Kissed By The Bay

  1.   Every Little Kiss
  2.   The Perfect Kiss
  3.   Just One Kiss
  4.   The Sweetest Kiss
  5.   A Christmas Kiss
  6.   All About That Kiss
  7.   Forever In A Kiss
  8.   A Kiss For Santa

Do-Over Date

  1.   Million Dollar Date – Cooper & Abigail