Thayne, RaeAnne

RaeAnne Thayne is a master storyteller.  I’ve read her works beginning back in the 1990s in Silhouette or Harlequin Romances.  Of course, those readings were long before I began blogging, so I’ve some re-reading to do before I put up reviews, it’s only fair to get a fresh look and not depend on my memory.  (smile)

If you happen to love heartfelt romance with realistic characters and situations… and a strong sense of family, then you’d enjoy her books.

Because of the sheer number of books she’s written, her entire book list isn’t here.  What is here are series that I have read or series that I intend to read because time got away from me when they started.  You can, however, visit her official website for all the information you’d ever need about this prolific and entertaining author, including her impressive book lists.   Here is the link to her website:  RaeAnne Thayne

Titles that were reviewed here at Keeper Bookshelf are linked back to the review post.

The Cowboys of Cold Creek

  1.  Light the Stars
  2.   Dancing in the Moonlight
  3.   Dalton’s Undoing
  4.  The Cowboy’s Christmas Miracle
  5.  A Cold Creek Homecoming
  6.  A Cold Creek Holiday
  7.  A Cold Creek Secret
  8.  A Cold Creek Baby SSE
  9.  Christmas in Cold Creek
  10.  A Cold Creek Reunion
  11.  A Cold Creek Noel
  12.  A Cold Creek Christmas Surprise
  13.  The Christmas Ranch *
  14.  A Cold Creek Christmas Story *
  15.  The Holiday Gift  *
  16.  The Rancher’s Christmas Song *

Haven Point

  1.   Snow Angel Cove
  2.   Redemption Bay
  3.   Evergreen Springs
  4.   Riverbend Road
  5.   Snowfall on Haven Point
  6.   Serenity Harbor
  7.   Sugar Pine Trail *
  8.   The Cottages on Silver Beach
  9.   Season of Wonder
  10.   Coming Home for Christmas

Hope’s Crossing

  1.   Blackberry Summer
  2.   Woodrose Mountain
  3.   Sweet Laurel Falls
  4.   Currant Creek Valley
  5.   Willowleaf Lane
  6.   Christmas in Snowflake Canyon *
  7.   Wild Iris Ridge

~~ A bit of a confession — these pages are really a way for me to combine my “TBR List”, “Wish List”, “Oh, I’ve Already Read That” List and “Hmmm, Maybe One Day” Lists.  These pages on all of my blogs help me to keep my reading adventures in an order that makes sense to me… that they are also of benefit to other readers is a wonderful bonus point for us all.  *grin*