Baby on St. Barts

Baby On St. BartsTitle:  Baby on St. Barts
Series:  St. Barts #4
Author:  Emme Cross
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  August 15, 2015
My Rating:  4 stars
Source:  Borrowed, Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

Awaiting the birth of their first child in St. Barts, Sunny O’Hara hopes that movie-star bad boy Sven Larsen is ready to be a father.

He’s writing her love letters from Europe where he’s working on a new movie.

But two events will shatter her dreams in the most compelling St. Barts book yet. This time there may be no way back for Sunny and Sven.

Read on for my thoughts on Baby on St. Barts.  No true spoilers, promise.

Baby on St. Barts is a emotional roller coaster.  Picking up where Back on St. Barts left off, we are tossed into the turmoil of Sunny and Sven’s lives once again.

Sven is off making his next movie and we are introduced to a few new characters.  The one I enjoyed the most was Sir Henry.  An older actor, established perhaps even legendary and definitely a raunchy older man who adds so much to Sven’s growth.  His parts in this novel were funny, sad and wise all rolled up together.  Sir Henry was a perfect addition to this ongoing story.

Sunny will remain on St. Barts during her pregnancy.  She is unwilling to tell Sven about the survival of one of the twins and feels it’s safer to be certain that this remaining baby will survive before telling Sven about this unexpected miracle.

With some help and coaching from his new friend, Sir Henry, Sven has begun writing actual love letters to Sunny from his movie location.  While he may not be the most romantic letter writer, it seems that finally he is able to put his love, fear and understand of just how much of an idiot he has been down on paper.  His new found confidence and ability to see just how badly he had behaved adds a new dimension to a man who may be swoon-worthy but definitely showed a spoilt actor’s actions in the past.

During a natural disaster we will discover just how well Sunny plans for any contingency – and how Sven has matured in his actions and his absolute love for Sunny.  Additions and losses.  It’s life and there is no changing that.

I enjoyed Baby on St. Barts very much and look forward to the next story in this ongoing saga of Sven and Sunny’s lives.  This one will have your emotions all over the place, but not in a desperation way as the last novel did.  Anger has turned to understanding and growth.  Tears have turned to acceptance of life and enjoyment of every moment we are granted.

I have no hesitation in recommending this series – with one comment – it really is best to read these novels in order.  Not that you couldn’t pick up the story, but more that this is a continuation story of two lovers and the people who enter and leave their lives.  In my opinion, your enjoyment of these stories will only be enhanced by reading them in order.

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