Baby’s Bodyguard by Lisa Childs

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From detective to daddy?

An ex-cop guards a vulnerable family.

After an injury, Detective Forrest Colton is forced into early retirement. But Forrest isn’t the type to sit still, so he volunteers to protect alluring single mom Rae Lemmon, whose life is threatened after a dead body is discovered on her property.

When Forrest finds a note threatening Rae’s infant son, his senses go on high alert. He needs to save this family even if it means his own “permanent” retirement.

Baby’s Bodyguard is the 2nd title in the multi-author series Colton 911.  For a listing of titles and authors in this series, and links to reviews done here at Keeper Bookshelf please check out our Colton 911 page.

Title:  Baby’s Bodyguard
Series:  Colton 911 #2
Author:  Lisa Childs
Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Published:  August 1, 2019
Publisher:  Harlequin
My Rating:  4.5 stars

BABY’S BODYGUARD by Lisa Childs is the second title in the multi-author Romantic Suspense series Colton 911 from Harlequin™.  The ongoing damage and cleanup from the recent hurricane are still very much on everyone’s mind in Whisperwood, Texas – and the discovery of the body of a long-missing young woman that had recently been unearthed by the flooding.  Soon another body will be added to that count, and a single mom, her innocent son and an injured detective will fight their attraction as a killer pulls strings in the background.

It was easy to step back into the Colton 911 world as the tensions from the first discovery of a long-buried body continue and grow in the second novel, BABY’S BODYGUARD.  Forrest has reluctantly been convinced to work the cold-case aspect of this murder, even though he’d rather be out in the thick of the investigation.  Yet, he’ll do all he can to bring a killer to justice no matter how long it takes.  He’s wounded in more ways than the injury that cost him the in the field part of the career he loved, emotionally he’s not trusting of anyone after being let down by someone he loved at the worst time of this life.  So when Rae innocently makes a kind gesture toward him he turns away, but the image and memory of that lady lingers.  He had no idea how important she and her son would become or the danger they would all soon be in.

Rae has been let down by the men in her life, mostly her entire life so she’s not looking for long-term from anyone.  She’s independent, stubborn and sure she can do it all on her own – until she discovers that she really cannot fight against the threat to her son or herself.  Her attraction to Forrest was instant but when rebuffed she stubbornly keeps the man at arm’s length – for as long as she can.  How could she have known how safe this man would make her feel or how devastated she’d be without him in her life?

Like all the Colton mini-series, Colton 911 has one unknown villain woven throughout the entire series.  Oh, we run into others along the way but there is a puppetmaster at the core of it all.  Part of my enjoyment of these series is adding up the clues throughout the series, and my list of suspects begins with BABY’S BODYGUARD.  No, not going to share that – why would I want to take away your fun?

Forrest’s and Rae’s romance is full of danger, suspects, stubbornness and growing love between two wounded people.  For little Connor either would give their lives to keep him safe.  I enjoyed this journey, it’s a suspense-filled story with just enough of the long-term mystery to keep my need to know active.  I always enjoy seeing previous couples in a series, and we get to see people from the first story again as their own stories continue to grow throughout the series.  If you love a mystery to solve, suspense that will keep you flipping pages, and seeing two people let down their guards to allow someone in to love them just as they are then you’ll want to pick up BABY’S BODYGUARD.  I had a blast and I’m definitely continuing this series.

I own a Kindle edition of BABY’S BODYGUARD.

Available in paperback and for the Kindle


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