Blog Ahead Mini-Event

Posted April 9, 2015 by Marsha in Discussion Post / 2 Comments

mini blogahead 400Do you schedule posts ahead much?  I do… sometimes.  I am far from consistent about it though.  So, Anna, over at Herding Cats & Burning Soup has this Blog Ahead Mini going on for the beginning of May.

So go over to the   Sign Up Page Here   and check out the limited amount of “rules”  It’s so easy and we’ll get a head start on the coming months when vacations, family events and just summertime is out there waiting to be experienced, ya know?  So this is good.  Really good.

If I could get some basic weekly stuff up and ready to go ahead of time, that would give me more time to take care of other stuff… set up a system and I’d be good to go.  That is my overall goal of this.  With one main blog, and a few specific genre blogs it can get backed up.  So good habits start right now.

Interested?  Then go on over and check it out.




2 responses to “Blog Ahead Mini-Event

  1. Marcy

    I am in such a need of a ongoing schedule that I can easily keep up with once it’s started – that is my hope for this challenge.

    We shall see 🙂