Review Request Policy for Keeper Bookshelf

While I do accept review requests, I cannot guarantee that I will pick your title to read and review… I may simply say “this isn’t something I’d be interested in but good luck”, it’s not meant to be rude but my time is important as well.   I’m a reader who absolutely hates to leave DNF or 1 star reviews for any book… that said, I will go as low as 2 stars for something that simply wasn’t worth my time.  Reviewing is a personal opinion, not everyone will agree with me – that’s okay.

Should there be a time frame when you absolutely must have a review done, please tell me that upfront so that I can make a decision based on my own schedule if I can accommodate your request.  I try to get reviews up within a short period of time – but life happens.  (I recently had my computer “blow up” on me and that delayed so much, so yes life does indeed happen)

However, “IF” you do not have a time frame of when your book must be reviewed by… then I’ll gladly read and review – on my time, and as soon as I can.  That is the honest truth.  I understand how important reviews are to authors.  If you do not mind a delay of several days or even weeks then send me the information through this email:

I can be reached at…

The genres that I read and review are:

Contemporary Romance

Paranormal Romance

Shifter Romance

Historical / Regency Romance

(some) MC or Military Romance

I operate several genre-specific blogs so not only will your work be reviewed at Keeper Bookshelf – when it makes sense I will occasionally re-post a review about a week later on the genre-specific blog that your book falls under.

Marsha @ Keeper Bookshelf