Brewing Trouble by Christine Gael

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After barely escaping the business end of the hangman’s noose, Cricket Hawthorne wants nothing more than to forget it all…Maude the magical typewriter, Zoe’s stolen cauldron, Patrick the betrayer, and definitely the witch-hating, robe-wearing cult who tried to end her.

Unfortunately, pressing the reboot button isn’t an option. Bringing The Crow’s Feet Coven back to their former glory is her destiny, whether she likes it or not. Too bad the powers that be will do whatever it takes to stop them.

It’s fight or flight, and she’s never been a quitter. Now, it’s up to her and her ragtag team to bring down the organization hell-bent on ridding the world of witches. But at what price?

Titles in the Crow’s Feet Coven series include – Writing WrongsBrewing Trouble


Title:  Brewing  Trouble
Series:  Crow’s Feet Coven #2
Author:  Christine Gael
Genre:  Paranormal Women’s Fiction
Published:  May 30, 2020
My Rating:  4 stars

After that cliffhanger in ‘Writing Wrongs‘ I wasn’t sure what to expect in the second story of the ‘Crow’s Feet Coven‘ series… but never fear, Cricket, Zoe, Mee-Maw, and even Patrick are back for more troubles, more adventures, and definitely more magic in ‘Brewing Trouble‘.

I’m having such a good time watching Cricket come into not only her powers but her own self-confidence as she faces down danger, mistrust, and perplexing magical messages as she, along with her trusty sidekicks, Zoe, Mee-Maw and company, fight to stay alive and bring the Crow’s Feet Coven back into existence.  I think though that Mee-Maw is my favorite character, she’s such a hoot (as my own grandmother would say), you never know what her mischievous mind will get up to next – and that’s part of her charm.

No details for you should discover this gem all on your own – but now I’m needing the third story in this series… right now.  If you love a really good story with interesting characters and situations, one that will always keep you on your toes throughout then I have a series for you.  Sit back and enjoy ‘Brewing Trouble‘ – you’ll find a puzzle to solve, magic to invoke, and characters to enjoy.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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