Calm Before the Witch Storm by Constance Barker

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When Nann (that’s with 2 nn’s please) moves to her late Aunt Nancy’s home in Calamity Corners, she wonders why there’s a little pig running amok with a toilet seat in its mouth. But that’s the least of her worries. She has a bookstore to open. 

Cemetery Center doesn’t sound like an up and coming place to open a new business, but the square footage is huge and the rent is right. Her shop neighbor Zinnia owns the art gallery next door. But Zinnia has a secret, one that occurs on the full moon. Werewolf? Not exactly. 

When Nann searches for a vehicle to buy, she’s sent to the only car repair shop in town. However, Tink, the shop mechanic, has Spock’s ears. Okay…And what’s going on on the third floor of her bookstore building? Men get together and drink beer around a coffin. Someone mentioned the VHS. Vampire Hunter Society? Van Helsing Society? This town is getting weirder by the minute. 

But that’s just the way Nann likes it. She’s a Druid witch, just like her late Aunt Nancy. She’s come to take over her aunt’s home and move the family bookstore business. Pokey the Pig is Aunt Nancy’s familiar and by lineage becomes Nann’s familiar. She communicates through the radio, and depending on what station you’re on, Nann either gets a red-eyed feisty porker or ‘I just want to be held’ piggy. 

So when boys begin to go missing in neighboring towns, Nann is convinced it’s magic that’s gone haywire. Could it be the giant pointy eared mechanic named Tink has taken to kidnapping, or does her neighbor shifter Zinnia have an appetite for humans? Or could whatever is in the coffin on the third floor have a hand in it? The gang is also looking at Nann….they all remember Hansel & Gretel. Nann must find Aunt Nancy’s witch books so she can put a stop to the disappearances, but she’s in for more than she bargained for when forces come at her from different directions.

Titles in the Calamity Corners series include — Calm Before the Witch Storm – The Witch is in the Details – Better the Witch You Know – A Witch Axe to Grind –

Title:  Calm Before the Witch Storm
Series:  Calamity Corners #1
Author:  Constance Barker
Published:  May 27, 2019
My Rating:  4 stars

I love a good Paranormal Cozy Mystery, so I went in search of a new series earlier this week and decided on CALM BEFORE THE WITCH STORM by Constance Barker.  New series, new-to-me author, a winning combination.

Most of what you’d need to know to pick up this book can be found in the Cover Description – actually, there’s quite a lot up there.  I was surprised by that.

CALM BEFORE THE WITCH STORM begins the Calamity Corners (Witch Cozy Mystery) series with a funny, delightful (mostly) group of wild and crazy, zany, quirky and interesting cast of characters.  Oh, how I loved Pokey the pig.  Not everything is fun and games though as there is something really bad happening in this area, something that Nann and crew will get to the bottom of – eventually.

There is world building to a small extent, actually, the Cover Description really does set you up very well for diving into this beginning story.

I don’t willingly give away spoilers so you’ll have to pick up CALM BEFORE THE WITCH STORM to find out “exactly” what happens – but it’s a bit mysterious, a touch dangerous, and a whole heck of a lot of fun, lively characters, quirky habits, and interesting people to spend a series with.  I’m having a blast and I’m about to dive into the second story.

If you love a really good Paranormal Cozy Mystery then you’ll want to check this out.

I read this story through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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