Can’t Wait Wednesday 7-10-19

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The Can’t Wait Wednesday weekly anxiously waiting for this book meme is hosted by Tressa at Wishful Endings.  If you’re waiting for a great book to be released then this is the place to show and tell – and maybe find some other books to await as well.  (I know I always do)

I have followed Christine Feehan’s “The Dark Carpathians” for years now, actually since I got hooked on the very first story of an ancient vampire and the woman who became his world.  Since then this world has expanded and is now up to #33 in titles published.  Considering her other long going series that’s an impressive number to keep a world still fresh and intriguing with every new additional story.

So this week I’m waiting for the September 3, 2019 release of DARK ILLUSION (A Dark Carpathian Novel).

A mage and a warrior must see beyond their facades and embrace the bond that links their souls in this powerful Carpathian novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan. 

At any other time, Julija Brennan would find solace in the quiet of the Sierra Mountains, but now the mage is in the race of her life. Having broken free from her controlling family, Julija’s attempt to warn the Carpathians of the coming threat has failed and put a target on her back—and those who are hunting her are close behind.…

After centuries locked away in a monastery in the Carpathian Mountains, Isai Florea can’t believe he’s finally found his lifemate—the missing half of his soul. The second he sees Julija, his world blazes with color. But despite their explosive connection, Julija rebels against what she sees as Isai’s intent to control her and rejects the bond that would prevent him from becoming a monster.  

As their unfulfilled bond continues to call to them both, Julija and Isai aim to complete the task that brought them together. They are used to facing danger alone, but now the mage and the ancient warrior must learn how to rely on each other in order to stop a plot that threatens all Carpathians.…


Yeah.  I’ve got this one pre-ordered and I’m looking forward to returning to a world that always captures my imagination with a good paranormal story and a love story for the ages… every single time.

What are you waiting for this week?


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5 responses to “Can’t Wait Wednesday 7-10-19

  1. I used to love this world and they used to be autobuys.
    Now, I’m less enthusiastic and catch up with the series in bursts. I think I’m about 4 behind now…

    I hope this one is a good one for you!

    • Marsha

      I’m looking forward to it. Although, I do understand about catching up in spurts. I do that with several long on-going series. Some I think I just have to be in the mood to reenter that particular world.

    • Marsha

      I can certainly understand that. Maybe dip your reading “toe” in the water by borrowing the first and second ones through your local library (many now lend through e-books, too) and get a taste for it. That way you aren’t spending a ton of cash and you can make a decision to continue or not without that “But I spent good money on this” feeling. 🙂