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It’s the most wonderful time of year — well, it will be for the rest of the world in a few months.  For those of us who review books, September is the beginning of the Christmas book rush where tons of holiday romances are released from now until a little after the New Year.

I happen to love a good Christmas Romance any ole time of the year, but you’ll begin to see more and more showing up on Keeper Bookshelf now.

So whether you wait ’til Christmas Eve to get everything ready or get an early start – there are a lot of Christmas-y romances coming your way soon.


September 11, 2001.  A day that is burned into my memory, my brain, my heart, my soul.  There were many tributes in the after-days, yet this simple video that aired only once speaks the respect and the sorrow that my heart still feels.  I know that I will never forget the lives lost, the lives forever changed that day.

These “old men of the forest” have survived for thousands of years despite the humans interfering with their natural habitat.

They are fascinating creatures to observe and they too deserve their space on this planet.  To learn more check them out at this link.

There is not one thing “bad luck” about a black cat.  Well, maybe they might steal your heart – or your lunch if left unattended.  But really?  Just like people, cats come in all colors and personalities.  And each one is unique in ways like no other cat (or person) on the planet.  Give your cat a hug today – extra tuna if you have a black cat full of mischief and love.  🙂

To Sam and Thunder ( our family black cats – and Thunder never did live up to his name, he’d run and hide at any loud noise – *grin* Silly kitty) who have made that trip to the Rainbow Bridge – we still love you and miss your mischief and loud purrs.


My favorite way to relax – aside from a nap – is to get lost in a book.

No matter how you enjoy just chillin’ out remember to take some time for yourself on this National Relaxation Day!

It’s National Book Lover’s Day!  Grab your favorite drink, cuddle up in your most comfortable reading spot and open the pages of a book you’ve loved forever.

Reading has sustained me through some of the darkest moments, and the brightest times of my life.  I cannot imagine not being able to open a book, step into another world and simply enjoy the experience.



There is a fun group over on Facebook called “Reading Is Sweet“, it’s made up of authors of mostly Sweet, Clean Romances (but some authors have pen names so you never know who you might run into there).  Last year there was a Challenge that was fun, entertaining, and introduced me to a lot of new-to-me authors.

Now a new Challenge has begun and the three Lists of books will be released about two weeks apart.  You can keep track of your reads through a link, there is a prize, but the real gem of all of this is the book experience.  If you’ve never heard of this group – check them out on Facebook.  You just might find some new friends, new authors and lots of new books to devour.

To make my reading life a bit easier I’m putting the lists here at Keeper Bookshelf.  So while this is a mainly for myself post – I do honestly hope you go over and check out the group, I believe if you love Sweet, Clean Romance that you’ll also find some authors to follow and new to you books to read.

The Lists can be found after the “Read More”

The 2019 RITA Award recipients will make July 26, 2019, a day to remember in Romance writing acknowledgment history.  This year Authors of Color, Authors of Diversity were acknowledged with top honors – and it’s a long, long overdue celebration.

As a reader and a blogger, this is one ceremony that I wish I could attend in person, but I’m content to watch the live streams and read the Twitter updates as the conference moves through the days leading up to award night.

Many of the authors who took home awards are long-time favorite authors or authors that I’ve read a few of their books.  So many more are new-to-me, and I’ll be frank and tell you that I headed over to Amazon to pick up titles by the winners.  When a book receives a RITA, then I should be reading it.  It’s just that simple.  And I will be going over the finalists and the mentions as well to pick up even more titles.

So, my congratulations to every single winner whether it’s the first statue received or the latest – all are amazing talents yet it’s their hard work, perseverance, stubbornness, blood, sweat, tears, and love of the written word – and belief in themselves – that brought every single person on that stage to where they stand today as an RWA RITA Award winner.

I don’t know any of these talented people personally — but I am so happy for every author there.

Here are the RITA Award winners for 2019.  Each book title is linked back to GoodReads should you like to check them out a bit more.

Over the next three months, I will be merging the best (if not all) of three smaller blogs, and some posts (that I can recreate) from blogs that I had to delete for various reasons.

(and that’s my Harley over there – she’s sad, too, at the extra work that has to be done now – but toss her a ball and she’s over it much faster than I am 🙂 )

If you’re on my mailing lists you might see an increase in the notifications – and if you follow me on Twitter you will definitely see an increase there.  Yet, sometimes you just have to take care of stuff and that’s what I’ll be doing for a while.

My overall plan is a slow feed of posts over to Keeper Bookshelf from today until the beginning of November when those other blogs will go away as well.  It won’t be overpowering, and you’ll probably not notice anything different.  But I’m a person who explains why something different is happening with my websites — and this is most definitely different.

Thanks for your patience.  Hopefully, the end result will be well worth the time and work involved.  🙂

The Can’t Wait Wednesday weekly anxiously waiting for this book meme is hosted by Tressa at Wishful Endings.  If you’re waiting for a great book to be released then this is the place to show and tell – and maybe find some other books to await as well.  (I know I always do)

I have followed Christine Feehan’s “The Dark Carpathians” for years now, actually since I got hooked on the very first story of an ancient vampire and the woman who became his world.  Since then this world has expanded and is now up to #33 in titles published.  Considering her other long going series that’s an impressive number to keep a world still fresh and intriguing with every new additional story.

So this week I’m waiting for the September 3, 2019 release of DARK ILLUSION (A Dark Carpathian Novel).