Six billionaires.  One unforgettable birthday bash. Now their livelihoods are in the hands of a stranger. Each is tasked with a mission. If one fails, they all fail.  Billionaires, no more.

Serious Chase Young is chosen first by this ominous, never seen Smith and goes from billionaire to pilot for a small airline in a day. Unable to use their money to fix the problem, he’s tasked to dig deeper into the airline’s problems.

Chase never expects to meet Grace Edison, the owner’s daughter, and immediately wants her in his life. Undercover, Chase can’t tell Grace the truth. Never one to back down, he accepts the challenge ahead of him, to win Grace and save her father’s company.

Titles in The Secret Billionaire Society include — Chase – Nash – Finn – Beau –



Title:  Chase
Series:  The Secret Billionaire Society #1
Author:  Nancy Pennick
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  May 1, 2019
My Rating:  3.5 stars

CHASE is the beginning of The Secret Billionaire Society series which has a concept for the series that intrigued me.  Nancy Pennick is a new-to-me author, so I have no previous experience with her writing style to compare this story against.  CHASE is a good basic story with touches of mystery, romance, intrigue and a very close bond between six men who went to college together, became billionaires young in life, and on a whim during their annual combined birthday(s) party make a huge bet that could backfire on them so very easily.

I’m torn on this story for there is a lot that I enjoyed, and some parts that I, frankly, didn’t.  Not unusual, really, yet I never felt a connection with the main characters – I was simply along for the ride on this one, not part of the story waiting to see what happens next.  I don’t willingly do spoilers, so to explain further would fall into that “no, not gonna do that” zone of mine.

I’m going to hold off on committing myself to this series overall.  I know that FINN really caught my eye, yet I prefer to start at the beginning of a set of connecting stories with common characters across all books – some call that a series, yet this author says each title can be standalone.  So, I’ll continue through FINN and see how the stories develop, and if my reactions to the main characters change as the series continues.  I don’t easily give up on a series so up next is NASH.  As I mentioned, CHASE is a good story, I’m simply not certain if this author’s style is one I’m going to enjoy long-term.  Time will tell.

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