Christmas Sisters by Tess Thompson, Ev Bishop, Violet Howe, Tammy L. Grace, Judith Keim

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Random circumstances brought them together. Love made them family.

When a terrible accident takes Madeline Kirby’s husband and only child, the school guidance counselor is sure she can’t go on. Left behind with nothing but her work and an empty heart, she vows to survive Christmas by reaching out to comfort someone else who knows similar pain.

Fostering four motherless children for the holidays is supposed to be temporary, but as Maddie tends to defensive Stevie, distrustful Jo, delicate Alissa, and frightened little Hailey, the ache in her own heart slowly becomes bearable. And before the season of giving comes to an end, it becomes clear that life intended for them to find each other.

Enjoy these soul sisters’ first Christmas together in Christmas Sisters, a free prologue novella – then catch up with each of them individually, fifteen years later.

Titles in the Soul Sisters at Cedar Mountain Lodge multi-author series include – 1. Christmas Sisters by combined – 2. Christmas Kisses by Judith Keim – 3. Christmas Wishes by Tammy L. Grace – 4. Christmas Hope by Violet Howe – 5. Christmas Dreams by Ev Bishop – 6. Christmas Rings by Tess Thompson

Title:  Christmas Sisters
Series:  Soul Sisters at Cedar Mountain Lodge #1 (prologue)
Author:  Ev Bishop, Tammy L. Grace, Violet Howe, Judith Keim, Tess Thompson
Genre:  Contemporary Christmas Romance
Published:  August 29, 2020
My Rating:  4.5

Christmas Sisters is the perfect kick-off to the Christmas Romance reading season with a newly formed, unique family that will capture your heart, your imagination, and leaves you wanting more… which, thankfully, there will be more stories for each new sister placed about 15 years in the future.  But for right now,  Maddie and her girls, Jo, Stevie, Alissa, Hailey are in the early stages of becoming a loving family, and their stories are beautifully written by five talented authors.

Since this first story is an introduction we will get a short story about each individual sister, and of course, Maddie, a woman whose heart is broken but still has so much love and purpose to give to these young girls.  Because each story is short I don’t want to go into much detail beyond saying that I cannot pick a favorite little one (or in some cases a teen or pre-teen), I want a happy life for each as they are all individuals coming to Maddie through far different circumstances, yet all needing family, stability, a safe place to grow, and the love of family… DNA not required.

Be ready for an emotional ride in Christmas Sisters.  I cried for them all, for their pain and confusion is very real.  I laughed at their antics as they form their new family.  And I was drawn into their circle of acceptance, and am definitely looking forward to their individual romances once childhood has passed and the possibilities of adulthood are realized.  I had such a good time in this world, and if you love a good story, at Christmas, that will bring out all the warm feelings of the season and more… then you’ll want to get started on this series right now.

I own a Kindle edition of Christmas Sisters.

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