Christmas, The Krewe, and a Large White Rabbit by Heather Graham

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For Brodie McFadden and Dakota McCoy, the Christmas holiday should be simply magical.

They’ve made the decision on their wedding—Christmas Eve out in central Virginia at the newly renovated historic lodge belonging to old friends. As many members of the Krewe who can show up will, Kody’s friends and family will be up from Key West, and while Brodie’s diva mom and patient dad are dead, they’ll still make an appearance.

It will be wonderful.

But then, chopping wood and waiting for Kody to arrive, Brodie hears a police-bulletin on the airwaves about a large white rabbit in a gas mask carrying a machete—correction! A man in a large white rabbit costume, etcetera!

Driving through the snow-covered countryside, Kody has little on her mind other than the festivities about to take place—until she almost runs right into the rabbit. His warning for her not to move forward proves to be solid when an explosion rears through the road.

The rabbit proves to be Captain Lynch, a soldier suffering from PTSD, and he’s escaped from a nearby hospital.

But who is telling the truth? The rabbit—or the doctors?

Brodie and Kody must discover the truth if there is to be a wedding—and to bring back Peace and Goodwill to Man!

There are two novella holiday tales that connect to the McFadden Brothers trilogy in the overall Krewe of Hunters series.  Those novellas are Haunted Be the Holidays (a Halloween theme) and Christmas, the Krewe and a Large White Rabbit (a Christmas theme & Brodie & Kody’s wedding).  The novellas take place after the conclusion of Echoes of Evil. The titles within the main trilogy include — Fade to Black – Pale as Death – Echoes of Evil.

Title:  Christmas, the Krewe, and a Large White Rabbit
Series:  connection to the McFadden Brothers trilogy within the Krewe of Hunters
Author:  Heather Graham
Genre:  Paranormal Romance, Romantic Suspense
Published:  December 18, 2018
Publisher:  Slushpile Productions
My Rating:  4 stars

I had loved the McFadden family in their trilogy within the Krewe of Hunters series.  Three brothers, all with the ability to see the dead, beginning with their theater performing parents, have given me some of my favorite Krewe of Hunters adventures.  Being able to finish up to the very end (or as far as we’ll ever get in a series where characters pop up from previous stories) or more specifically to Brodie and Kody’s wedding day was an extraordinary treat for me.  And yet, CHRISTMAS, THE KREWE, AND A LARGE WHITE RABBIT also deliver a very entertaining puzzle to sort out  – with all the twists and turns and certainly surprises I expect from Heather Graham.

What you really need to know before diving into the Paranormal Romantic Suspense story can be found in the cover description.  To say much more could involve spoilers, and you really should puzzle this one out on your own or you’ll miss half the fun of it.  I was surprised by some developments, I certainly did not figure out the correct ‘bad guy’ before the reveal – and that is exactly how I love a good mystery.  If you have enjoyed any of the Krewe of Hunters stories if you love a really good mystery with some romance, and especially if anything Paranormal will find its way to your reading pile then you’ll enjoy CHRISTMAS, THE KREWE, AND A LARGE WHITE RABBIT.  I know I certainly did – and I’m going to miss these characters so I’m definitely hoping to run into the McFadden crew again one day.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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