Colton Cowboy Jeopardy by Regan Black

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On the run from a sociopath…

And no one to trust

Mia Graves is in danger—and so is her baby.

Jarvis Colton is exploring a family mystery when their paths cross on the outskirts of Rattlesnake Ridge Ranch.

After the trauma of losing his parents, this businessman turned cowboy has no intention of making himself vulnerable ever again.

Just this once, he can help a family, but can he protect Mia without falling in love?

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Title:  Colton Cowboy Jeopardy
Series:  Coltons of Mustang Valley #8
Author:  Regan Black
Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Published:  April 1, 2020
Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Colton Cowboy Jeopardy is the eighth story in the Coltons of Mustang Valley (mini)series and drew me in from the very beginning.  While the main mystery still slowly unfolds in the background and moves forward a bit, in Jarvis and Mia’s story we are presented with another mystery, one from the past that Jarvis intends to solve – and a woman on the run with her very young son.  Each has secrets, and each has to trust a stranger with those secrets eventually while dealing with a genuine danger… and falling in love along the way.  It won’t be easy for them, yet finding your future in the midst of chaos rarely is.

Because of the nature of this new mystery added to the series I don’t want to give away much at all.  Mia is facing hard life decisions and that’s not made easy by those she should be able to trust, to turn to in times of trouble.  Unfortunately, that’s not an option anymore and to protect her son Mia will do anything.  Jarvis is working at the Rattlesnake Ridge Ranch and finds that he’s enjoying the work far more than his business suits days.  He might be a distant cousin to the wealthy Coltons, but he and his triplet siblings are nowhere near them in wealth.  Jarvis has been told a family “secret” one he’s determined to find out if it’s true or just a pipedream.  Add one very nasty female to the mix. and you have a well-thought-out plot, a story that flows smoothly, and characters you’ll be either rooting for to find their happy ending… or a jail cell.  I had a blast with this one and definitely enjoyed Jarvis and Mia’s romance.

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

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