Colton K-9 Bodyguard by Lara Lacombe

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This protector broke her heart and is back to save her

K-9 officer Micah Shaw never thought tracking a serial killer would lead him to discover the woman he once loved near death.

Vulnerable and under siege, Bea Colton needs him now more than ever. Their relationship didn’t succeed years ago, but their second-chance attraction is an all-too-deadly distraction: one that could kill! 

Colton K-9 Bodyguard by Lara Lacombe is the 3rd story in the multi-author series, The Coltons of Red Ridge.  For a complete list of titles, authors and review links please visit the Coltons of Red Ridge page.

Title:  Colton K-9 Bodyguard
Series:  The Coltons of Red Ridge #3
Author:  Lara Lacombe
Genre:  Modern Western Romance, Romantic Suspense
Published:  March 1, 2018
My Rating:  4.5 stars

COLTON K-9 BODYGUARD kicks up the pace a bit as the Groom Killer claims another victim and two lovers who were cruelly separated are reunited once again.  The Coltons of Red Ridge series is quickly becoming an addicting reading experience for me.  Sometimes coming late to the party means that I can binge-read this series that was released in 2018 pretty much back to back… and that makes me a very happy reader as I don’t have to wait for monthly installments of this suspenseful, multi-authored series.

As the evidence against and the search for Demi Colton intensifies yet another murder has taken place.  This time the groom-to-be is discovered in an unusual location and conflicting clues are discovered.  Micah and his K-9 partner, Chunk, make an alarming discovery while investigating a far different situation.  When Chunk alerts the last thing Micah expected to find was his one-time love, Bea, unconscious on the floor of her bridal shop and his dog still alerting for even more trouble further into the shop.  While on the surface it looks as though Bea interrupted the Groom Killer in action there are a lot of unanswered questions… mainly, how is Bea still alive if she encountered this serial killer.  That question and so much more lead to Micah becoming Bea’s protective bodyguard as the search for a killer and answers intensifies.

In many ways, COLTON K-9 BODYGUARD is not only a continuation of the search for a killer but a second chance at getting it right for Micah and Bea.  When Micah went off to the military he left behind a loving girlfriend who would have waited forever for him to return to their planned future.  Life didn’t work out that way for them back then and the discovery of why is heartbreaking and easy to see even before this couple stumbles onto the truth.  In the decade that Bea and Micah have been apart much has changed in their personalities, caused by the circumstances of their breakup.  Neither is exactly the same person they once were and this couple has some ground to cover before their happy ending can happen.  Watching them find their way back to each other while fighting constant threats of danger was an engaging journey.  The villains in this story aren’t just the Groom Killer and that sad fact made Micah and Bea’s romance very poignant among the happiness of their reunion.

I enjoyed COLTON K-9 BODYGUARD very much.  I liked Bea and Micah as a couple, adored Chunk to pieces and was further hooked on finding out who is the Groom Killer.  There is a way to go before that discovery will come to light and I’m definitely enjoying the journey.

I own a Kindle edition of this story.

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