Colton Manhunt by Jane Godman

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She’ll do anything to find her missing sister.

Only a Colton cop can crack this case.

The last thing K-9 Sergeant Spencer Colton needs is another routine missing-persons case. But Katrina Perry is insistent on finding her twin sister—at all costs.

As things become anything but routine, so do Spencer’s feelings for Katrina. Someone will stop at nothing to get Katrina out of the way, though. And only Spencer has a chance of keeping her safe…

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Title:  Colton Manhunt
Series:  Coltons of Mustang Valley #6
Author:  Jane Godman
Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Published:  March 1, 2020
Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense
My Rating:  4 stars

Colton Manhunt is the sixth title in the Coltons of Mustang Valley series, and while it is a very good story on its own, in my opinion, the series flows best if you can read them one after the other from the beginning since there is an ongoing thread woven into each story – and I suspect we’ll only get that answer in the final book.

There are two Colton families in Mustang Valley – the rich, affluent branch and their cousins, the triplets, Spencer, Bella, and Jarvis Colton who came to live with a cold, indifferent aunt after their parents’ deaths in a car accident.  These are the other branch of hard-working, holding down an everyday job Coltons, and they are quick to point out that they are not part of “those other Coltons” in town.  Although I will say that since I’ve finished up April’s Colton titles before starting this review that this branch of the Coltons is very interesting with a mystery all their own.

From the start of Colton Manhunt, Spencer and Katrina strike sparks off of each other, and not just the attraction kind but more than that.  Katrina doesn’t trust easily and she knows her twin sister is in serious trouble even if she cannot prove it… yet.  So the attraction and the constant bantering between Spencer and Katrina became part of their falling for each other, even if they each knew they shouldn’t take the time for a relationship in their lives right now.  When fate puts two people just right for each other smack in the middle of their pathway, well, the attraction will win just about every time.  Spencer has a shooter to find and a mystery to solve, Katrina has a sister to find and some serious danger following her footsteps every step of the way.  They shouldn’t get involved, but they will with fiery results.

I enjoy the way this series is slowly letting out details of the main mystery, little bits and pieces coming together but only so far before edging off to deal with the second mystery in each book.  The new danger, and tracking down the old danger is an intriguing aspect of this series and definitely keeps me on my toes.  I liked Spencer and Katrina individually and together.  Both are wounded souls in some ways, yet they are unknowingly healing each other in so many ways.  Their romance was filled with banter, danger, and falling for someone they could finally trust, and that was an important part.  If you love a really good love story along with a mystery to solve and danger to be faced then Colton Manhunt should be on your reading radar.

I own a Kindle edition of this story.

Available in paperback and for your e-reader (mine is the Kindle)


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