Colton P. I. Protector by Regan Black

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He’s claiming redemption—and the woman he wants

A sudden attack and a dognapping leave K-9 trainer Danica Gage shaken to her core. Even more surprising is her rescuer: P.I. Shane Colton.

Years ago her family stole Shane’s freedom, but now Danica needs him to catch a criminal.

And she must fight the urge to run into his arms…because wanting him could be a deadly mistake.

Colton P. I. Protector by Regan Black is the 5th story in the multi-author series, The Coltons of Red Ridge.  For a complete list of titles, authors and review links please visit the Coltons of Red Ridge page.

Title:  Colton P.I. Protector
Series:  The Coltons of Red Ridge #5
Author:  Regan Black
Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Published:  May 1, 2018
My Rating: 4 stars

COLTON P.I. PROTECTOR is full of rich details on the training of dedicated and amazing K-9 dogs.  In many ways, this story enriches the entire series for the reader now has a better idea of what goes into creating such unique, loyal and sought after animals.  The K-9 unit is an integral part of the Red Ridge police force, and even that is being threatened by the frustration of not capturing whoever is the Groom Killer.

Shane Colton did the hard work of returning home, training as a private investigator and taking his life back after it was brought to light by a witness who decided to tell the actual truth that he was not a murderer, that the arresting officer manufactured his arrest and his eventual conviction of the murder of a young woman.  That officer was Danica Gage’s grandfather, so it is with complete irony that Shane would be walking with his Corgi, Stumps, near the K-9 center and happen to look over into the yard to see Danica’s still body on the ground.

Danica had been attacked in the yard of the K-9 center, incapacitated by the injection of something that knocked her out cold while a thief stole a valuable K-9 dog who had not yet been assigned to a handler as this dog was trained to bite… and in the wrong hands, Nico will become a vicious attack dog – on command.  As Danica and Shane begin the search for Nico their shared history also plays a part in their working relationship.  Two members of opposing feuding families, the granddaughter of the man who lied and sent an innocent young man to jail for life are going to discover that in the end nothing matters except what two people falling in love think about each other.

While I enjoyed COLTON P.I PROTECTOR on many levels, it also frustrated me.  The only reason that makes any sense to me to leave the dognapping, theft of a valuable, fully trained K-9 dog and a puppy in training unresolved would be because that will factor into one of the ongoing story threads later in the series.  We know who masterminded stealing the dogs, but it cannot be proven yet.  So, we add another story thread to the mix with the Larson brothers, those Teflon twins that no crime sticks to even when everything points in their direction.  It was even mentioned in one of the earlier stories that one of the Larson twins was angered that a dog from the center would not be sold to him… so go take what he wants seems to be his solution.

The story ends very abruptly.  Yes, there are a lot of secret engagements around Red Ridge right now.  Who in their right mind would parade an engagement for the killer to have their choice of who their next victim would be?  I get that.  Still, after everything that Danica and Shane went through to get to their happy ending, there was no easing out of this story and getting ready for the next… and I’m finding that I need that in order to consider a story done.  Their romance was full of heartache for many different reasons, they had a lot to resolve between them and individually.  Yet, they work well as a couple – and I wanted more for them (and me) than a sudden complete stop. — But, that’s just my feelings, and I still loved their story.  🙂

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