Colton’s Deadly Engagement by Addison Fox

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A cop and his false fiancée track a serial killer

After yet another groom-to-be is murdered in Red Ridge, K-9 cop Finn Colton comes up with a plan. He’ll fake an engagement to Darby Gage—to bait a criminal and investigate his suspect “fiancée.”

But after brutal attempts on both their lives, Finn worries that he’s endangered the woman he’s falling for. Can he protect Darby and convince her to make their engagement real?

Colton’s Deadly Engagement by Addison Fox is the 2nd story in the multi-author series, The Coltons of Red Ridge.  For a complete list of titles, authors and review links please visit The Coltons of Red Ridge page.

Title:  Colton’s Deadly Engagement
Series:  The Coltons of Red Ridge #2
Author:  Addison Fox
Genre:  Romantic Suspense, Modern Western Romance, Cowboy Lawman Romance
Published:  February 6, 2018
My Rating:  4.5 stars

COLTON’S DEADLY ENGAGEMENT starts off with the gripping scene of yet another murder of a soon-to-be groom in the small town of Red Ridge, South Dakota.  The Groom Killer has struck again and now the concern becomes is the killer escalating their crimes or is there a potential serial killer on the loose.  The two main and only suspects are female… which brings an interesting question to mind.  Is the killer going after any groom and not just the one man both women had in common?   Are the growing anonymous gifts left for the chief of police, Finn Colton a slap in the face from the killer or something far different but equally dangerous?

Setting himself up as a decoy target for The Groom Killer, Finn will set out to find answers and keep one of his suspects even closer as he unravels the facts that keep pointing in her direction.  Being seen around town as a couple in love and anticipating an engagement Finn and Darby will discover far more than clues to the crime, they’ll find an attraction between them that is too powerful to deny.

COLTON’S DEADLY ENGAGEMENT is full of tension, fast-paced action, a subtle sub-story, twists and turns galore and a bit more information about the suspects in this murder.    Darby is a strong, stubborn and capable woman who has been handed a rough life.  Finn’s suspicions of her make sense yet they also feel so off from the start.  I enjoyed how their slow-burn romance was a give and take of opinions, feelings, and conclusions on both sides.  Loved the K-9 dogs as well, I will always get a greater enjoyment of a story when dogs (or any pet) are involved in the storyline – it’s more realistic to me.

The second story in The Coltons of Red Ridge series gives us a bit more to work with on solving the murder mystery, and a very enjoyable couple to watch as they fall in love along the way.  I enjoyed myself and I’ve already downloaded the next story in the series to dive into.  If you love a good Mystery or Suspense as well as an engaging Romance then you’ll enjoy this story or the entire series.  I’d definitely recommend this one to any reader who enjoys a good love story with some suspense and puzzles to figure out as well.

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