Convicted Witch by Willow Monroe

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What the hex?

Trinket’s life is on track to be fabulous…until the moment her crazy mother screws up yet another magic spell and draws the attention of the A.S.S. (Abnormal and Supernatural Security). The agent that shows up at her door is named Angelo. He is sizzling hot, bullheaded, and mysterious, and he promptly banishes the two of them to Jagged Grove, a weird island full of magical women and men, mystical creatures, and other strange beings.

Trouble brewing

Trinket and her mom fit right in, even if she refuses to admit it. Now she’s stuck in this town that doesn’t actually exist to serve out her sentence: teach a young witch named Maggie how to be a healer and get her mom under control. Then, if she’s lucky, she can go home. It should be a piece of cake, except for the fact that Trinket once killed somebody trying to heal them and she vowed to never practice her magic again.

Oh, and when she gets to Jagged Grove Maggie is dead.  

Now, with the help of a too-sexy werewolf, an elegant vampire, and her sweet but unhelpful mother, Trinket has to figure out who murdered Maggie and find a way home before her real-life crumbles away to nothing.

Titles in the Jagged Cove Magical Mystery series include — Convicted Witch – Conflicted Witch – Evicted Witch – Addicted Witch

Title:  Convicted Witch
Series:  Jagged Grove Magical Mystery (Paranormal Cozy Mystery)
Author:  Willow Monroe
Published:  original 2015
My Rating:  3.5 stars

CONVICTED WITCH is the first story in the Jagged Grove Magical Mystery series.  Although the first story does end rather abruptly, it was still a full enough story to grab my attention throughout with a different view of “Paranormal Jail” for certain.  There was some world building, I expect that but what I had to work beyond was Trinket.  She comes across as such a spoiled brat for the majority of this story that I never found myself in her corner and was always waiting for her to get that “aha” moment.  Which she didn’t, not really.

While I did think CONVICTED WITCH was a good story (I read this story years after it’s original release so I don’t know what corrections have been made) – but the wrong word used in the wrong meaning took me out of this story’s world far too often.

To be clear, I am not a fan of cliffhanger endings (or non-endings).  I go out of my way to avoid them unless they slip by me as CONVICTED WITCH did recently.  At the ending of this story, in the Author’s Note, it is mentioned that the coming stories will have cliffhanger endings.  At that moment I sighed and had to make a decision on continuing with the series.  The answer surprised me.  I’m tempted, and that does surprise me for there were characters and situations to be resolved that I do want to know more about.  It’s the cliffhanger aspect that has me so-so on whether I’ll continue with the series.

I think CONVICTED WITCH is a good Paranormal Cozy Mystery.  I liked it, didn’t love it, but do want to know what happens to several secondary characters.  I believe this is one of those that you simply have to read for yourself to decide.  Right now, it is in Kindle Unlimited so it might be your chance to try it out.  I’m still deciding on the rest of the series.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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