Cover Characteristic memeThe ladies at  Sugar and Snark  are hosting a Cover Characteristic meme.  Weekly a subject will be chosen and we search for book covers related to that week’s pick.  Why not?  I certainly have tons of book covers in my files (and I know how to find more *wink*).

This week’s choice is Black Covers.   Hmmm…. black covers.  This one had me stumped for a bit.  So I dug through my cover files and found I actually had more than I first thought.  Now to narrow them down to 5.  I’ll try, but I always end up with more.   (I ended up with more – a couple might be a bit iffy on the totally black, so I hedged my bets)  *wink*

My Choices for “Black Covers”

Archeron skA Quick BiteBroken (Lost)ReftBlk bittenBlk wicked nights