COYER Winter Switch

Posted January 4, 2018 by Marsha in Discussion Post / 0 Comments

I made a decision back in December ’17 that I was going to get unread titles off of my Kindle in 2018 come hell or  high water or words to that effect.  One way that I can help myself and have a bit of fun with that declaration is by joining in the COYER Winter Switch Challenge which runs from November to March – yes, I know, I’m late in joining up but better late than never, right?

This time around there are two ways to take part – either the Switch or the regular COYER.  For me, because I’m joining in late I’m going to go for the regular COYER because that will do what I want to do which is get those free books, those 99 cent books that I picked up but are still sitting unread on my Kindle finally read and moved to the cloud.  I’m always annoyed with myself when I spend good book money on a title and then I don’t get around to reading it because of other review commitments.  That’s just silly and it needs to stop.

If you have unread titles on your e-reader then maybe this is a challenge that you’d be interested, too.  Sign up is easy just follow the link in the graphic above or this link:  COYER Winter Switch Challenge

Now joining is easy, staying committed is a whole different story, and we all know that.  So later today I’m going to be making a list post for myself that I can cross off the titles from 2017 and before that still need to be read on my Kindle.  It’s an accountability thing for me, but I believe that it will help keep me on track with this clean up that I’m determined to do this year.  It’s not a requirement, but a choice of my own.

Check out the COYER Winter Switch Challenge for yourself, and have some fun with lots of company as you clean out your e-readers this year..