Dear Mr. Diamond by Kit Morgan

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Independence has another mystery to solve!

Two, if anyone’s counting …

Sheriff Jace Diamond and his friend Fletcher Vander solved the mystery of Jasper Munson, (Mail-Order Bride Ink: Dear Mr. Vander) a man murdered just before his mail-order bride stepped off the train to meet him. Now Fletcher was happily married to the woman. But that didn’t explain the next mail-order bride to show up in town, this one claiming she was there to marry Jace!

Katie Haverdash was a bookworm and librarian in search of a little adventure. When she began writing the seemingly stalwart Sheriff Diamond, she thought what could be better? A solid man with an adventure-filled job! But Katie gets more than she bargained for when she gets off the train only to find that her betrothed isn’t a betrothed at all. In fact, he didn’t even know she was coming! Now, what was she going to do? Plenty, if she wanted to stay alive. Someone isn’t too happy she’s in town and it’s up to Sheriff Diamond to keep her safe and find out who wants to do away with her. Will love blossom in the midst of danger? Find out in this, sweet, fun western historical romp full of adventure and romance! 

Titles in the Mail-Order Bride Ink series include – Dear Mr. Weaver – Dear Mr. Turner – Dear Mr. Comfort – Dear Mr. Comfort – Dear Mr. Vander – Dear Mr. White – Dear Mr. Miller – Dear Mr. Comforts – Dear Miss Cucinotta –  Dear Mr. Kincaid – Dear Mr. Diamond – Dear Mr. Stone –

(I’ve enjoyed all of the titles in the Mail-Order Bride Ink series, however, many of those earlier titles were reviewed on a website of mine that unfortunately no longer exists.  At this time I have no intention of recreating those reviews here at Keeper Bookshelf.  They can be found on Goodreads should you desire to read them.)

Title:  Dear Mr. Diamond
Series:  Mail-Order Bride Ink #10
Author:  Kit Morgan
Genre:  Western Historical Romance
Published:  December 31, 2019
Publisher:  Angel Creek Press
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Dear Mr. Diamond is an… intriguing romance with more than just a touch of danger involved.  And I will admit that since reading Christmas With the Cookes a little bit ago, I’m keeping an eye out for “something more” in all of Kit Morgan’s stories.  Did I find it?  Nope, that would be telling – you should find that out on your own, but it’s a fun little game I engage in now.

Katie took a chance and fought for her freedom from a despised arranged marriage in the only way open to her by becoming a mail-order bride.  Trouble is Jace didn’t ask for a mail-order bride.  And so begins the delightful draw of attraction and figuring out what is the best future for both Jace and Katie.  I liked this couple both individually and together.  As the danger increases so does the questions for them both.  The attraction is there but are they each looking for the same kind of future, one that includes marriage.  Dear Mr. Diamond had me flipping pages quickly and loving this romance from start to finish.  Although, Dear Mr. Stone is definitely on my radar for I really want to see how Katie’s friend reacts to this small town and one (for the moment) single gentleman.

If you love a romance with a touch of danger, likable main characters, an engaging crew of secondary characters and just a really good love story then you’ll want to pick up Dear Mr. Diamond.  I loved being back in this world and would not hesitate to recommend this story or the entire series.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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