Dear Mr. Stone by Kit Morgan

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Heiress Beryl Branson didn’t plan on becoming a mail-order bride, but doggone it! Desperate times called for desperate measures. 

Her friend, Katie Haverdash, had the stubbornest set of parents she’d ever met. They were determined to marry Katie off to a man of their choosing. Never mind the fact she’d already married someone else, and as a mail-order bride to boot!

So when Katie’s parents decide to travel to Independence, Oregon to break up Katie’s marriage and get it annulled, Beryl becomes a mail-order bride so she can prove to them it can work for anyone. Unfortunately, her groom didn’t send away for a bride. Somebody else did!

Chaos ensues in this hilarious romp set in a town where strange things have happened of late. Will the case of the mystery matchmaker finally be solved?

Titles in the Mail-Order Bride Ink series include – Dear Mr. Weaver – Dear Mr. Turner – Dear Mr. Comfort – Dear Mr. Comfort – Dear Mr. Vander – Dear Mr. White – Dear Mr. Miller – Dear Mr. Comforts – Dear Miss Cucinotta –  Dear Mr. Kincaid – Dear Mr. DiamondDear Mr. Stone

(I’ve enjoyed all of the titles in the Mail-Order Bride Ink series, however, many of those earlier titles had been reviewed on a website of mine that unfortunately no longer exists.  At this time I have no intention of recreating those reviews here at Keeper Bookshelf.  They can be found on Goodreads should you desire to read them.)

Title:  Dear Mr. Stone
Series:  Mail-Order Bride Ink #11
Author:  Kit Morgan
Genre:  Western Historical Romance
Published:  March 28, 2020
Publisher:  Angel Creek Press
My Rating:  4.5 stars

I have loved all the many stories in the Mail-Order Bride Ink series over the years, yet I believe that Dear Mr. Stone is my favorite (so far).  Perhaps it’s that I’m comfortable in this world, or that I’m seeing fascinating connections with new eyes (and new knowledge) as that other-worldly feeling often overcomes me as I read certain parts of these stories.  In any event, Beryl and Ephraim face the Mad Matchmaker’s shenanigans with humor, irony, and beginning to fall under that spell called love.

We’ll run into old friends (and I’m loving seeing the children of those old book friends finding their special person to fall in love with), deal with a rude, blustering father, get a little more insight on the Mad Matchmaker, and learn more about a mysterious figure who often visits the town.  I had such fun with Dear Mr. Stone and would not hesitate to recommend it to any reader who loves a good, solid romance with characters who are believable… and a bit of special magic to be found.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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