Detective on Call by Regan Black

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Two bitter rivals unite to track a deadly killer

Detective Emmanuel Iglesias does his duty at all costs, even if that means going up against Pippa Colton. The stubborn attorney insists her client is innocent, but Emmanuel knows that his case is rock-solid.

That is until Pippa becomes a target herself. Is the real killer still at large? As their mutual distrust turns into an undeniable attraction, the murderer becomes bolder—and more menacing…

Titles in the Colton 911: Grand Rapids series include —Family Defender by Tara Taylor Quinn (rated not reviewed) – Suspect Under Seige by Jane Godman – Detective on Call by Regan Black – Agent by Her Side by Deborah Fletcher Mello – In Hot Pursuit by Geri Krotow -Ultimate Showdown by Addison Fox

Title:  Detective On Call
Series:  Colton 911: Grand Rapids #3
Author:  Regan Black
Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Published:  September 1, 2020
Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Detective On Call is an interestingly paced, action-filled Romantic Suspense that will keep you engaged and on your toes throughout Pippa and Emmanuel’s romance.  We’ve met them both earlier in this series but now they get to share the spotlight.

Pippa is an attorney who is passionate about her work, she also is part of the Colton Investigation group – so she’s no stranger to finding answers or intense, even dangerous situations.  Right now she is challenging the guilty verdict of her friend’s mother who is a very mean, conceited, entitled woman who was charged and convicted of murdering her former lover.  Elizabeth, her daughter, and Pippa are not convinced that Anna, mean as she is was truly capable of murder… a woman who would never, ever do her own dirty work, she would have hired someone to kill David before pulling the trigger herself.  In order to overturn that verdict, Pippa must investigate the police’s handling of the case – and that means challenging the integrity of a family friend, her brother’s friend, and a man she finds attractive and intriguing.

Emmanuel firmly believes that the case he and his partner built against Anna is solid, that nothing was left undone, and that she is exactly where she belongs… behind bars in prison.  Yet, he’s agreed to keep an eye on Pippa who has been receiving threats recently.  He’ll do it for the friendship with her brother at first, but when the threats turn into attacks and the danger ratchets up even more things begin to change between Emmanuel and Pippa – and neither is certain what to do with that change.

I completely enjoyed myself here, the format of this story really worked well in keeping the tensions high yet giving the reader small clues that the main characters are unaware of – and those clues, and that involvement slowly increased chapter by chapter.  The suspect became clear rather early on, even if Pippa and Emmanuel hadn’t picked up on the identity just yet.  That slowly, meticulously unfolded before our eyes… what wasn’t there was the “why”.  And not knowing that piece of information made the conclusion to the danger part of Detective On Call an edge of the seat type of Romantic Suspense for me.  I was so caught up in this one that I didn’t want it to end.  That doesn’t happen to me often, the story ends when the author says it does… but I did really want just a bit more for I didn’t want to leave that world.  So, yeah, I had a blast with this one, no doubt at all.

I loved Emmanuel and Pippa together.  Both stubborn beyond belief, yet they blended together so well that their differences only served to show them in a more positive light.  Each would continue to fight for what they believed was right – and the other would never tear them down for that, they might not agree but the support and the affection between them were still there loud and clear.  I like that type of couple who can agree to disagree without it ruining the relationship – and when one can admit freely that they missed something, that they were wrong without gloating on the other side.

I enjoyed myself in Detective On Call, and since I’m binge-reading to get caught up I know I’ll be diving back into this world again in a few hours.  If you love a really good Romantic Suspense then you should be picking up not only this story but the entire series… it’s that good.

I own a Kindle edition of Detective On Call.

Available in paperback or for your favorite e-reader, mine is the Kindle.


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