Driven by Rebecca Zanetti

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Unswerving: Angus Force is determined to hunt down the serial killer he’d once shot dead—or so he thought. But an anonymous source reports that Lassiter is alive. Force hasn’t slept since knowing it’s only a matter of time before “the Surgeon” strikes again. And soon, a body is found, bearing Lassiter’s same maniacal MO. It’s just the beginning of a murderous trail that’s blazing through DC and Virginia, right to Force’s backyard . . .

Unstoppable: Nari Zhang is the shrink for the ragtag Deep Ops Unit, though she isn’t Force’s shrink—which is a very good thing. Because once they’re thrown together on the case, their attraction is explosive and irresistible. They’ll just have to fight that much harder to keep the heat between them from flaming out of control. But things are about to become far more challenging, and deadly, than they could have imagined . . .

Unhinged: Once the killer catches a glimpse of Nari, she becomes his new obsession. She is now the focus point—for both Force and Lassiter—in a dangerous dance for survival . . .

Titles in the Deep Ops series include — Hidden – Taken (#1.5) – Fallen – BrokenDriven

Title:  Driven
Series:  Deep Ops #4
Author:  Rebecca Zanetti
Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Published:  January 26, 2021
Publisher:  Kensington Books
My Rating:  4.5

Frankly, I’ve been waiting for Angus’ story to be told from the very first book.  He is so tormented by what’s happened in the past, his pain is obviously felt through the pages in book after book.  And now, finally, we have Driven.  Angus’ story, along with Nari who we’ve also seen as a secondary character throughout the Deep Ops series.  She’s always felt a little standoffish to me, not part of this crew yet a necessary part as well.  I know, that might not make sense but often the feelings we have about characters rarely make sense to anyone else.

Putting Nari with Angus was pure genius.  Two characters that I never would have believed ‘fit’ proved me wrong, big time.  And don’t forget Roscoe, well, he’d never let us forget about this very unique canine friend who is so important to Angus and these stories – Roscoe (who just might be my favorite of all).

The serial killer that Angus believed he’d killed appears to be on a killing spree once again, and this time Angus won’t make any assumptions.  A killer is targeting women who resemble the women on the team, and when it seems this killer is targeting Nari – well, Angus and his team, as well as Nari will do everything to take a killer down, for good.

Driven is fast-paced, intense, steamy, and just about every single thing I could ask for in a thrilling romantic suspense story.  The twists will give you pause, the suspense will keep you glued to the pages needing to know more, and the sizzling chemistry between Nari and Angus adds the perfect touch.  Angus needs to heal, he needs to be necessary to someone, he needs… Nari.  For me, they were perfect together, and if, as I’m hoping, this series continues I hope we get more side appearances from this amazing couple.

I’m not going to give out details, you need to read Driven for yourself to experience it all firsthand for yourself.  I will say I was quickly flipping pages, needing to know what happens next, and always completely entertained in this world.  I love these characters and hope we have more adventures for some who have not yet found that ‘perfect one’ for themselves.  This story and series are why this author is at the top of my list for romantic suspense/paranormal romantic suspense stories.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the publisher, Kensington Books via NetGalley. That does not change what I think of this story.  It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

Available in paperback, audio, or for your favorite e-reader, mine is the Kindle.


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