Entangled With The Heiress by Dani Wade

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While gaining the heiress’s trust,

will he lose all self-control?

Hired to go undercover and discredit the widow of a millionaire philanthropist, investigator Rhett Brannon is torn. With her vulnerability and dedication to her late husband’s legacy, Trinity Hyatt doesn’t fit his preconceptions of a gold digger.

Even so, Rhett is determined to get to the truth behind her intentions. But will his growing attraction to Trinity destroy everything they’re both fighting for?

Titles in the Louisiana Legacies series include – Entangled with the Heiress – Reclaiming His Legacy –




Title:  Entangled with the Heiress
Series:  Louisiana Legacies #1 (mini-series)
Author:  Dani Wade
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  January 1, 2020
Publisher:  Harlequin Desire
My Rating:  4.5 stars

I was emotionally drawn into Entangled With The Heiress from the first page and that feeling only intensified throughout the rest of Trinity’s and Rhett’s romance.  Trinity is such a strong woman, even if she doesn’t always believe that about herself.  She’s been through so much in her life and survived yet she’s also learned to don a mask when needed to protect herself and strengthen herself to face uncomfortable situations when necessary.  Right now, with the relatives-in-law from hell trying to take her deceased husband’s fortune, that mask is very necessary.

Rhett is a complex man doing what he believes is necessary in the world – finding those who would deceive others in order to take what isn’t theirs to claim.  But this time, this case isn’t what he expected.  This time the dots aren’t connecting, the woman isn’t what he believed she was, and for the first time ever he’s wondering if he’s fighting on the wrong side.

Entangled With The Heiress is full of deception, betrayal, lies and underhanded schemes.  It’s also full of hope, of redemption, of possibilities of making things right, of believing in and trusting someone who, on the surface, should be the enemy.  As Rhett’s eyes are opened we get the chance to see a vulnerable side to this strong, determined man.  I love a man who once he knows he was wrong admits it, deals with the flash fires he created and asks for forgiveness.  Even knowing this about Rhett there were still moments when he deserved a smack upside the head for being so stubborn that he couldn’t see the truth right in front of him.

I enjoyed this couple’s love story so much, and I’m definitely looking forward to Reclaiming His Legacy due out in March 2020.  If you love a good love story with a bite, villains that are so easy to despise, and a couple that heats up the page just by being in the same room then you’ll love Entangled With The Heiress.  I would definitely recommend this story to any Romance reader, this first story sets the stage so well for what is to come – and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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