Exposing Colton Secrets by Marie Ferrarella

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A Private Investigator on the hunt… with enemies too close to home!

After Brooks Colton refuses a disturbing assignment, he feels compelled to warn a teacher that she may have a stalker.

Gwen Harrison charms him, as does her purpose in moving to Braxville—to find her missing mother.

Given his skills, Brooks joins her search and finds relief in protecting her from a growing threat.

But some dangers seep through even hardened defenses…and show what is worth fighting for.

Titles in the multi-author Coltons of Kansas series include —  Exposing Colton Secrets by Marie Ferrarella – Colton’s Amnesia Target by Kimberly Van Meter – Colton’s Secret History by Jennifer D. Bokal – Colton Storm Warning by Justine Davis – Colton Christmas Conspiracy by Lisa Childs – Colton in the Line of Fire by Cindy Dees

Title:  Exposing Colton Secrets
Series:  Coltons of Kansas #1
Author:  Marie Ferrarella
Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Published:  July 1, 2020
Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Exposing Colton Secrets‘ begins the multi-author ‘Coltons of Kansas‘ mini-series with an intense, intriguing tale of danger, long-buried secrets, the strength of family, and perhaps finding a lifetime love under the most unusual circumstances.

As a P.I. for several years now, Brooks should be accustomed to the weird cases that occasionally cross his desk, but this one was too intense, too full of possible danger to an unsuspecting woman for him to ignore it – or what he should do about it.  Brooks has been offered a job to basically track down and stalk Gwen, a new teacher in the small town of Braxville.  He refuses the case with disquiet and disgust, but can’t shake the thought that this jerk will just hire someone who doesn’t care what a case involves.  Brooks makes the decision to find Gwen, but to warn her of what may happen.  He never expected to land in the mystery that he did, or to discover that he’s about to encounter the woman he’d spend a lifetime protecting.  Love wasn’t on his agenda, but then, it rarely announces itself beforehand.

Gwen moved to Braxville for several reasons.  One was to get away from an overzealous, scary man who intended to be part of her life – whether she wanted that or not.  Yet the true reason was finding clues about her missing mother who had disappeared years ago without a trace, any note left behind, or any reason beyond the decision to go see Gwen’s father (who had never acknowledged her birth).  Gwen grew up with her grandmother, and now that her gram is getting older and still insists that Gwen’s mother would never have just left them it’s time for answers to be found.  She never expected to fall in love with a man determined to protect her… or to open up an old mystery that will involve not only Gwen and Brooks but the Colton family as well.

I was drawn into ‘Exposing Colton Secrets‘ from the very first chapter and never lost interest nor that waiting for what happens next feeling.  There is a very real danger to Gwen in this story, but there is also a discovery that will rock the foundation of the local Coltons.  A discovery that will eventually bring in all of the family to face facts, search out the truth, and bring justice to victims.  I enjoyed meeting the various Colton siblings, figuring out their place in this ongoing mystery – but I especially loved the strong bonds forming between Gwen, Brooks, and Gwen’s grandmother.  I love a puzzle, and the mini-series ‘Coltons of Kansas‘ looks to be providing lots of puzzle pieces to fit together before this series is all said, done, and happily ever afters handed out.  If you love getting in on the start of a new series, especially one filled with danger, red herrings, odd clues, and the closeness of family – and watching two people fall unexpectedly in love, then this one is a perfect fit for you.

I own a Kindle Edition of this title.

Available in paperback or for your favorite e-reader, mine is the Kindle.


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