Faithless in Death by J. D. Robb

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What looked like a lover’s quarrel turned fatal has larger—and more terrifying—motives behind it…

The scene in the West Village studio appears to be a classic crime of passion: two wine glasses by the bed, music playing, and a young sculptor named Ariel Byrd with the back of her head bashed in. But when Dallas tracks down the wealthy Upper East Side woman who called 911, the details don’t add up. Gwen Huffman is wealthy, elegant, comforted by her handsome fiancé as she sheds tears over the trauma of finding the body—but why did it take an hour to report it? And why is she lying about little things?

As Eve and her team look into Gwen, her past, and the people around her, they find that the lies are about more than murder. As with sculpture, they need to chip away at the layers of deception to find the shape within—and soon they’re getting the FBI involved in a case that involves a sinister, fanatical group and a stunning criminal conspiracy.

Faithless in Death is the 52nd title in the “in Death” series.  A complete list of all the titles in this futuristic police procedural mystery series can be found on our J. D. Robb page.

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Title:  Faithless in Death
Series:  in Death #52
Author:  J. D. Robb
Genre:  Police Procedural, Murder, Mystery
Published:  February 9, 2021
Publisher:  St. Martin’s Press
My Rating:  5 stars

It’s the year 2061 in Eve and Roarke’s world, but Faithless in Death could just as easily be ripped from the headlines of this year in 2021… and the multiple villains as well.

I always find it easy to step back into this world with its familiar faces along with new, vile enemies to be faced.  This time I was captured by not only the familiar but by the eerie feeling of living in a time when I would not be the least surprised to see these events unfolding on news programs.  To say that I saw so many parallels in this story would be a massive understatement.  Again, needless to say, that I read Faithless in Death in one setting for I needed to know… and it was an amazing rollercoaster ride to the finish.

I find that I don’t want to say much beyond what the cover description does of the early events in this one.  The trail of one murder investigation that leads to so much more should, in my opinion, be discovered by each reader for themselves.  The story is intense, filled with vile villains, dangerous, and fast-paced… yet, is also filled with those balancing times of friendship, love, bantering between colleagues, friends, and lovers.  It would not be an in Death novel if we didn’t have Peabody’s need for those “loose pants” or Eve’s particularly charming way of messing up old-time sayings and questioning why it means what it does.  So those bits of normal fit very nicely between the discovery of such evil, vile acts that fill Faithless in Death with a compelling need to know what comes next without a break.  I don’t think it’s a spoiler to believe that this investigation will be Nadine’s next best-selling book that Eve will eventually roll her eyes over.

I was captivated by this one and loved every moment spent back in this world with now old friends.

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