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This week’s question:

Do you like fantasy or realistic books?

I’m pretty equal between the two.  There is nothing like a fantasy, sci-fi or paranormal to let me escape for a few hours.  But I can escape just as easily with a contemporary novel or a how-to book.  Basically, if it has printed letters on it I will most likely read it.

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Now since there are no official feature blogs to check out, I’m going to follow our hosts idea of celebrating National Love Your Pets Day.  🙂



My home is ruled by two felines.  Charlie, who is our 18 year old grey striped king of the household (very much a smaller version of Charlie in that picture of National Love Your Pet Day banner)

And I introduced Leia earlier this week on a Waiting on Wednesday post but here she is in all her Ragdoll beauty again…. my puppy-cat who loves her belly rubbed.  Leia is in her terrible 2’s right now.  She is the largest cat I’ve ever had weighing in at 32 pounds of solid muscle and fur.  And when she lands on you… You Know It.

Leia 03Leia 01