Fraterfest Wrap-Up for 2019

Posted October 15, 2019 by Marsha in Discussion Post / 0 Comments

October is almost here which means so are all the Halloween decorations, candy, costumes and… the 2019 edition of Fraterfest over at Caffeinated Reviewer!

Love Horror stories, do you escape with some Paranormal adventures, devour Shifter Romance or any other supernatural setting?  Then you’ll want to check out this five (5) day Readathon for fun, to discover some new authors, new blogs and maybe a prize along the way.  What’s not to love about that idea?

UPDATE:  Well, it’s the 15th and Fraterfest will be winding down today (until hopefully next year).  (I have one more book that I “might” get finished today – but no promises ‘cos life happens, ya know?) I had fun – I certainly wasn’t looking to win prizes, I simply wanted to be part of the book community by taking part in more events… and get back into my Paranormal Cozy Mystery addiction.  🙂

So my Paranormal Cozy Mystery books were a surprise to me.  I found one series that I will definitely continue with (I’ve read the author’s other series and had fun).  The rest of the titles were probably one time “test the water” reads that I enjoyed at the time but have no compelling need to return to that world.  Actually, that kinda makes me sad because I was hoping to add to my repeat read list by adding some new to me authors.  It didn’t happen this time around.

Books on my list this year:

  1.   DEADLY SPELLS AND A SOUTHERN BELLE by Amy Boyles (this is the one series I’ll continue)
  2.   This series I’ll not be continuing but the story was fun:  WITCH MYTH YEW HOLLOW by Alexandria Clarke
  3.   KICKSTART MY WITCH by Lotta Smith is one I “might” pick up the second story and see if it “clicks” with me.

And I don’t think I’ll finish the 4th in time.  The links above will take you to the review posts here at Keeper Bookshelf.  In all, I had fun and that was the point.