From Seduction to Secrets by Andrea Laurence

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They put their rivalry to bed for just one night.

Now they’re in for a surprise.

Struggling artist Kat McIntyre should have known that sleeping with her nemesis Sawyer Steele was a bad idea.

Her unexpected pregnancy proves it. Not only that, Kat’s discovered that the cagey billionaire isn’t who she thought he is.

Can she trust Sawyer to be there for the baby…without falling for him all over again?

Titles in the Switched! series include —From Mistake to Millions – From Riches to RedemptionFrom Seduction to Secrets 





Title:  From Seduction to Secrets
Series:  Switched! #3
Author:  Andrea Laurence
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Published:  January 1, 2020
Publisher:  Harlequin Desire
My Rating:  4.5 stars

This time returning to the Steele family in the Switched! series gets a little bit complicated – okay, make that a huge complication that no one expected least of all the twin brothers, Finn and Sawyer who we briefly met in the earlier stories.

Because I won’t talk about plots beyond what is in the cover description (I hate spoilers and try my best to avoid them) there isn’t a lot that I feel comfortable saying about From Seduction to Secrets – aside from it’s a sizzling romance full of, well, secrets that won’t stay secret very long.  And that’s about it as far as talking about the plot goes.  What I am comfortable saying is that Kat and Sawyer are a couple you’ll adore, you’ll root for and you’ll be frustrated by their decisions often.  I was easily swept into their lives and flipped pages rather quickly as their story intensified.  We’ll meet up with previous couples, family members and get a deeper feel for the dynamics of the Steele family.  I enjoyed myself immensely, I simply don’t feel that I can talk about it too much for fear of a spoiler slipping through.  If you’ve followed the Switched! series and I highly recommend that you do, you’ll love Sawyer and Kat’s story.  I will say that the final page gives us an ending that will guarantee that you’ll return for the next story, I know I’ll be keeping an eye out for it.

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