Goal Met for New Author Challenge 2015

New Authors Reading Challenge 2015 ~~~GOAL MET ON MARCH 25, 2015

New Authors 2015 larger

The New Authors – Seeking New Escapes 2015 Reading Challenge is hosted by Literary Escapism.  The rules, suggestions and signup can be found by following the link, either the written or graphic links above.

I set my goal for 25 New Authors to check out this year.  That was before I was approved for NetGalley.  A fantastic place to begin with and a bonus of having so many debut authors and authors that I haven’t read yet.

I’m not going to change my goal number — but I will continue adding new authors to the sub-page.   Just to find out at the end of the year how many new authors I’ve added.

If you’d like to check out some new authors , here’s the link to the Challenge Post with the listing.  New Author Challenge Page ~ Completed

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