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I freely admit that I’m addicted to Romance stories.  And that love of “love stories” began long, long ago – so I’ve been reading Harlequin™ for my entire adult reading life.  For years I would pick up my books at the local bookstore and devour them all within a week.  Now.  Well, not only does Harlequin™ have more “designated genre lines” than ever before, but my time isn’t as free as it once was to stop everything in life and escape into another world.

So… here are the Harlequin™ titles that were purchased and not yet read/reviewed in 2019 – but I will get to each one as soon as is humanly possible.  Series, Mini-Series and long story Lines will be listed separately for my own convenience in keeping up-to-date.

Carsons & Delaneys: Battle Tested
  1.   Wyoming Cowboy Marine –  Hilly & Cameron
  2.   Wyoming Cowboy Sniper –
  3.   Wyoming Cowboy Ranger –
  4.   Wyoming Cowboy Bodyguard
The Mountain Monroes by Melinda Curtis (continues into 2020)
  1.   Kissed By The Country Doc
  2.   Snowed In With The Single Dad
  3.   Rescued By The Perfect Cowboy
  4.   Lassoed By The Would Be Rancher
  5.   Enchanted By The Rodeo Queen
  6.   Charmed By The Cook’s Kids –